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Workplace Support

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    We enhance workplace wellbeing by supporting people at work. We offer Counselling, Professional Supervision, AOD Brief Intervention Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring, Training, Development and Facilitation, Professional Staff Support - On-site Early Intervention Support Services, Critical Incident Support, Career Direction and Financial Mentoring.

    For more information on our full range of services,  see the Workplace Support website. 




    We provide counselling for Individuals, Couples and Families. It is about seeking help or guidance in your life.

    When would I consider using counselling?

    The counselling service can be utilised at a time when you or your family are faced with a challenging situation.  Seeking counselling early in the challenge allows support to be accessed quicker. 

    Challenges may include:

    • Work challenges
    • Relationship concerns
    • Work or personal stress
    • Grief, loss or trauma
    • Mental health, such as low mood or anxiety
    • Work or personal conflict
    • Coping with change
    • Wellbeing concerns
    • Family challenges

    For alcohol and other drug use concerns, specialist AOD counselling is available.




    Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) Brief Intervention

    For companies implementing drug and alcohol policies and regular testing, our package is an ideal way to provide brief intervention for employees. The counselling is based on a motivational interviewing approach, and is suitable for those staff who are misusing substances and want to minimise the harm to themselves and their workplace.

    A confidential process designed to assist the individual to:

    • understand the effects of alcohol or drug use on self and others
    • become motivated to make healthy changes and achieve goals
    • reduce the use of alcohol/drugs to comply with company policy
    • develop a change plan and learn new habits to implement it
    • establish strong support systems to maintain well-being and work productivity

    Critical Incident Support

    In the event of a critical incident happening in your workplace in which people are traumatised, our specially trained staff can respond immediately.

    Effective crisis management is to act promptly - to have a CI Support team on-site as soon as possible; to begin support/defusing/debriefing to enable recovery and resumption of work.

    Features include:

    • immediate response (7 day/24 hr 0800 333 200 freephone)
    • team available on site
    • debriefing
    • counselling
    • access follow-up support
    • customised to meet the need

    On-Site Staff Support

    On-site support is a unique service which provides your staff with access to support professionals. It allows the establishment of relationships of trust which are fundamental to addressing personal and work related matters. This is a proactive model of care which enables opportunity for discussing concerns, affirmation, encouragement, education and problem resolution.

    Your Independent on-site Staff Supporter can benefit your workplace by:

    • Providing ready access to on-site experienced support
    • Supporting your workplace wellbeing responsibilities
    • Connecting with your staff and supporting them in their wellbeing and mental health
    • Encouraging positive interpersonal workplace relationships
    • Assisting staff experiencing workplace conflict by the use of de-escalation strategies
    • Performance management and restructure/redundancy support
    • Suicide prevention and aftercare
    • Grief and loss support
    • Family issues support
    • Keeping your employees at work whilst allowing them to address concerns
    • Providing referrals to Workplace Support wellbeing services, when appropriate

    Professional Supervision

    Professional Supervision provides the opportunities to:

    • explore, establish and maintain a personal professional work ethic
    • reflect on issues related to the working environment and relationships
    • develop personal management skills related to the workplace
    • maintain personal and professional boundaries
    • review of work practices, attitudes and interpersonal interactions
    • have a safe and supportive environment in which to unpack difficulties and to off-load accumulated case material
    • affirm achievements and build on them
    • set goals based on own learning and develop strengths
    • take responsibility for their work and personal growth




    Education & Training

    Workplace Support customises the education and training seminars and workshops to achieve your goals, your training plans and works with you to fit your budget.

    Possible programmes include:

    • career transition
    • leadership development
    • workplace well-being
    • anger
    • dealing with harassment and bullying
    • stress
    • dealing with difficult people
    • communication skills
    • handling conflict well
    • professional boundaries
    • change management
    • building resilience
    • loss and grief
    • interview skills/career advice/CV writing
    • teamwork roles and responsibilities


    We charge for our services, but limited subsidised support is available (case by case).