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Vaping to help you stop smoking

Vaping (E-Cigarettes) 


Vapes are electronic devices that heat a solution (e-liquid/e-juice) to produce a vapour that is inhaled (NOT smoked).  Vaping has the potential to help people who smoke to stop.

You can find loads of information on vaping right here.

Some key messages about vaping:

  • The BEST thing you can do for your health is be smokefree and vape free.
  • Vaping is NOT for children or young people.
  • Vaping can help some people stop smoking.
  • Vaping is NOT harmless but it is much LESS harmful than smoking.
  • Vaping is NOT for people who don't smoke.
  • Many myths and misinformation exist around the use of vaping products as a helpful tool to support people to stop smoking cigarettes. The smokefree team believe it is timely to engage with our community to share the current evidence on vaping to stop smoking.  We are holding three, one-day seminars in Invercargill, Dunedin and Central Otago

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