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baby Mouth cares

Cleaning Babies Mouth                           

Begin cleaning your baby’s mouth from an early age, before their teeth appear. This helps prepare your baby for toothbrushing. Clean your baby’s gums with a clean, soft, wet cloth after feeding and before bed. Start brushing baby teeth with a soft toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste as soon as they appear.

Fluoride Toothpaste

Everyone in your family can use the same regular strength fluoride toothpaste. Regular strength toothpaste contains a minimum of 1000 ppm of fluoride.

Look at the ingredients list on the toothpaste packaging. Choose a toothpaste that has either

  • 1000ppm of fluoride or

  • 0.221% sodium fluoride or

  • 0.76% sodium monoflurophosphate 


It is important that a tooth brushing routine is established from an early age. Involve the whole family as role modelling by caregivers can help children to develop tooth brushing skills. 

Building a toothbrushing routine

Toothbrushing 1

Helping children brush their teeth

It can be challenging at times to find a position that is comfortable for caregivers when helping a child to brush their teeth. Caregivers may find it more comfortable sitting infants on their lap or standing behind older children.


How to brush teeth

When brushing teeth it is important to brush all the tooth surfaces ( top, bottom inside, outside and the tongue). It can be helpful to focus on brushing one tooth at a time. It should take around 2-3 minutes to brush all the teeth surfaces. You should begin flossing children's teeth once two teeth are touching.


To find out more about toothbrushing and flossing watch these video clips.

Toothbrushing Tips And Tricks

  • Rewards
    Try a toothbrushing chart. Use non-food rewards like a new toothbrush or family activity.     
  • Change the setting
    Brush teeth while children are reading a book, in the bath or playing a quiet game. 
  • Let them do it
    Let children have a turn brushing first and then you "check" and finish cleaning teeth.
  • Use technology
    Try an electric tooth brush or a toothbrushing app such as The Wiggles or Brush DJ.
  • Make if fun
    Sing a song or even dance. Try a timer. Don't be afraid to get silly.
  • Change the toothpaste
    Some children don't like strong mint flavours. Try a mild flavoured toothpaste.

Toothbrushing Charts and Posters

Toothbrushing Apps

Toothbrushing Songs

Watch this video by the Bee Healthy Regional Dental Service which shares toothbrushing hacks for preschoolers.