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Telehealth brings speech language therapy to patients home

Telehealth technology has meant that patient, Ian from Oamaru has been able to continue his rehabilitation at home.

Telehealth Amy

Following treatment for a stroke at Dunedin Hospital Speech Language Therapist Amy Rosenfeld has been supporting his recovery through telehealth consultations.

“Ian was discharged from Dunedin hospital with significant expressive and receptive aphasia. He was at home with his wife Gaynor and very motivated to improve his communication,” says Amy.

Amy was able to work with Ian and Gaynor to give education about aphasia and ways to support communication, and set up therapy exercises for them to complete between telehealth sessions.

“Through Zoom we got creative using the chat, whiteboard and screen share functions to provide total communication support.”

Ian and Gaynor say their telehealth experience has been just wonderful. “It’s great for older people especially in winter, it saves time and cost, and for anyone who is thinking about using it we’d say don’t hesitate to try it.