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Find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Time for Change - Te Hurihanga.

Why was the programme established and what has been the focus so far?

The programme was established after a comprehensive independent review in 2021 (also called Time for Change – Te Hurihanga) confirmed the mental health service was fragmented, overloaded, complicated and difficult for some people to navigate and access. 
As part of the review process, more than 800 survey responses and submissions were received, and interviews were conducted with over 500 people across the district, including those in the workforce and people with lived experience of mental distress. Their responses called for significant system and service changes. You can read the full review report here  and a summary of the review here.

Over the last two years the Time for Change -Te Hurihanga implementation programmeteam together with our communities has led the way for new mental health and addiction services to be delivered in Te Waipounamu. We focused on the “fix now” priorities as recommended by the reviewers of Time for Change - Te Hurihanga and supported by the Board and Executive Leadership of the former Southern DHB. 


What has the programme achieved?

We have done things differently. The programme has changed the way services are designed and delivered through putting equity first in everything, as well as the involvement of people with lived experience as equal partners. 

Projects have been co-designed to ensure appropriate community solutions are developed closer to home, based on the needs of people with lived experience and whānau.

We have listened to what people have told us and we have designed services with them for them.

Read the March 2024 update here.

There is much to celebrate as we reflect on what we have achieved together over the past two years.  The Time for Change -  Te Hurihanga Review is:

  • a vision of mental health and addiction services in Southern
  • the focus areas for changes and improvements.

The review is also the foundation to make change happen that:

  • models equity first
  • is inclusive of people with lived experience, and
  • involves the community in the design of services in their community. 

Phase One is now reaching its planned end.

Phase one is coming to an end - what happens now?

Phase One is now reaching its planned end as the work of this phase becomes embedded in the day-to-day business of Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora, and preparations for the next phase are now well underway.

The next phase of Time for Change - Te Hurihanga will build on the successes and learnings of the first phase.

Who will lead the next phase of Time for Change - Te Hurihanga?

The programme management, planning and project management of improvements to the Southern mental health and addiction services has now evolved into the structure of the new health system.

Time for Change - Te Hurihanga is now led by the senior management in Commissioning together with Hospital and Specialist Services, Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora.

They work closely with national and regional teams, and with the Iwi Māori Partnership Boards.  The vision and foundation for making changes remain:

  • connections and involvement of the community
  • inclusion of people with lived experience
  • modelling equity first throughout.
How will it happen?

A proactive partnership between Hospital and Specialist Services and Commissioning will ensure there is integration across the whole of the system.

The Mental Health, Addictions, and Intellectual Disability Services (Hospital and Specialist Services) will:

  • Dedicate project resource to support implementation of the new services.
  • Build strong and close relationships with their new service partners.
  • Support mutual development of Hospital and Specialist Services and Non-Governmental Organisations as part of an integrated, whole-of-system approach to care.
Who will oversee Time for Change - Te Hurihanga? 

Time for Change – Te Hurihanga Leadership Group will continue to oversee and support the embedding of the newly established services. The Leadership Group will work in partnership with Hospital and Specialist Services and with Commissioning.


How can I find out more about what is happening? 

We will continue to regularly update information on this webpage.

You can also share any questions or comments by emailing us at