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Alcohol harm reduction

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Our Health Promotion Advisors work in partnership with licensing inspectors, local police, community groups and other organisations to develop projects and support community-led initiatives to minimise addiction and alcohol related harm in the community.

Our Health Promotion Advisors work in partnership to minimise addiction and alcohol related harm in the community by:

  • Reducing the supply of alcohol to under 18 year olds
  • Reducing intoxication in licensed premises
  • Reducing alcohol sponsorship and advertising
  • Advocacy on legislation
Key Projects include:
  • Game On: supporting rugby clubs to implement alcohol harm reduction strategies

  • Afterball Guidelines: Supporting the implementation of host responsibility strategies
  • Drink Safe Workshops: training staff from licensed premises about host responsibility
  • No Safe Limit: online resources to support whanau to delay the initiation of young people drinking alcohol
  • Good One Party Register: providing host responsibility advice and supporting positive relationships between party organisers and police (partners include NZ Police, Otago University, Otago University Students Association and Red Frogs) 
  • The Plan: supporting parents to minimise the amount of alcohol available to young people

For more information,  contact your nearest health promotion advisor.

  • Public Health South's role is to enquire into and report on alcohol license application, promote and monitor host responsibility practices, provide training and encourage the implementation of alcohol harm reduction strategies.