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Finding the right support

Ensuring the right living environment, with the right supports, is essential for older people, making a difference to social lives, the activities we participate in and the support required live confidently and well.

Some people, particularly following a hospital admission, may believe that moving into an aged residential care facility is inevitable. While sometimes this is the right decision, there are other times when older people may be able to stay in their homes, with the necessary support.

Across the Te Whatu Ora Southern health system, we provide support to those for whom staying at home is first choice, and those ready to move into aged residential care.

  • The Home is My First Choice programme is committed to helping you, or members of your family, maintain health and independence in your community and home.
  • The decision to move to an aged residential care facility is a significant life change, which can affect an older person's wider community and family. Across the Southern district are a wide range of certified aged care facilities that specialise in accommodation and support for older people.

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