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Mental Health Advance Preferences Statement

Giving you a voice when you may not be in a position to make decisions

A Mental Health Advance Preference Statement - also sometimes known as an MAP or an advance directive - is a way for you to let people know what you would like to happen if you experience an episode of mental distress and are unable to communicate your preferences.

It can give you a voice when you might not normally be heard because you are too unwell or not in a position to speak for yourself. You can write a MAP by yourself, but it would be best if you write one with help from someone you trust who you feel understands your situation and might be able to talk you through some options. Just remember, a MAP is about what you want, and what you feel is best for you.

We would encourage you to discuss it with your clinical team so they are aware of your preferences before a crisis occurs.

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This video explains more about Mental Health Advance Preference Statements. We encourage you to watch this, and contact your case worker if you have any questions.

You can complete your MAP online below or print out and fill in with your clinical team.

I agree to being on a register of people who have a MAP. If I present with an acute mental health crisis to EPS or an inpatient ward, the research team looking at how MAPs work in practice will be alerted and will check to see whether the treatment I receive is consistent with my preferences stated in the MAP.