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The Turning Point NZ

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    The Turning Point vision is to provide a safe, comfortable environment to help people begin their recovery from addiction.

    A private clinical treatment facility that focuses on the detoxification and rehabilitation from addictive substances, tailored to the individual needs of each guest.


    What sets us apart at The Turning Point is our centre is managed by individuals themselves in recovery who are passionate about making a difference to those still suffering from the disease of addiction. We also have two specialised addiction nurses in our team.

    Freeing people from addiction is what drives us each and every day.


    Detox Treatment

    Detox Treatment is provided at our Auckland facility.

    Based on the circumstances and severity of your drug or alcohol addiction, we can assist you to make a decision about your treatment options. Our Doctor will undertake the medical assessment to determine the exact course of your detox programme.

    Working with the doctor and our staff will ensure your withdrawal symptoms are closely monitored and adjusted when necessary, making the process easier for you. The detox plan will provide a safe and comfortable withdrawal process. With alcohol and certain prescription drugs, stopping their use without being supervised can be dangerous and potentially life threatening.

    While in treatment you will receive individual and group counseling with our A.O.D Clinician, where you will be treated on the emotional parts of your addiction. This offers you further insight into your disease and guides you into a full recovery.

    Intensive Residential Treatment - Post Detox

    Intensive Residential Treatment is provided at our Auckland facility

    Our programme is highly structured, the duration can vary from 30 days to 90 days, depending on the individual's needs. Our residential community is therapeutically based and our programme offers both individual and group therapy. The 12 Step programme forms a significant part of the treatment. We also focus on re-socialisation, guiding you in every step back out into the real world, living a life of total abstance from mood altering substances.

    As each guest progresses through the programme, our clinical team will not only develop a Relapse Prevention Plan with you, but also offer a Continuing Aftercare Plan. All guests completing the 30 day Residential Program qualify for our 24 Month Continuing Care Program at no extra cost. The 24 Month Continuing Care Program operates on Mondays and Fridays.

    Family & Friends

    We understand this is a tough process for all involved. The team at The Turning Point are available to help friends and family of the addicts by connecting them with the appropriate resources and groups. We offer a Friends & Family 12 Step based meeting that takes place on Sundays from 1-2pm at our facility.

    Individual and family counseling with our A.O.D. Clinician is also available.


    All costs must be paid for prior to admission, these costs will be discussed at your pre-assessment interview.