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Shakti New Zealand

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    Shakti (strength) provides immediate help and support to women, children and youth of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin who have experienced sexual abuse, domestic violence and discrimination.

    Call 24/7 Crisis Line 0800 SHAKTI (0800 742 584)

    Age: Children, Youth and Women 

    Region: All of New Zealand


    Shakti Community Council is a non-profit organisation serving migrant and refugee women, children and youth of Asian, African and Middle Eastern origin.  We protect the rights of women and children and help them overcome the barriers that come with migration and inter-generational bonds of cultural oppression.  Led by ethnic women, Shakti provides a range of support services to survivors of sexual and domestic violence and other social services. 

    Sexual Harm services include:

    • 24-hour national crisis line for immediate assistance, support and information
    • Emergency pick-up service for victims of sexual abuse
    • Safehouse - Refuges in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga and Christchurch for survivors of sexual harm in need of emergency accomodation
    • Counselling, information and support for those who have experienced sexual harm recently or in the past
    • Advocacy and assistance with Police and court procedures
    • Support with specialist medical examinations
    • Culturally appropriate support

    All sexual harm services provided by Shakti are FREE.  Safehouses and external support services are free if you meet certain criteria.

    Other Shakti social services include:

    Women's Centre 

    • 24-hour crisis line (0800 SHAKTI) for ethnic women experiencing domestic violence
    • Social work, counselling programmes, interpreting, legal referrals, ACC advocacy
    • Domestic violence intervention training for the community
    • Drop-in centres


    • Refuges in Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga and Christchurch for ethnic women needing to escape domestic violence 
    • Social work, self-empowerment and life-skills programmes, therapy, health referrals, counselling and legal support

    Shakti Education, Training and Advisory Company (SETAC)

    • NZQA approved, free educational, vocational and life skills programmes to empower ethnic women to become confident, skilled and self-reliant, reducing poverty and barriers faced by ethnic migrants/refugees, exacerbated by prolonged abuse

    Women's Support Groups

    • Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin providing domestic violence intervention support and      information
    • Life-skills programmes and advocacy when referring to other services

     For more information on these services see here

    All Shakti social services are FREE.  Safehouses and external support services are free if you meet certain criteria.

    How to Access

    Call our Crisis Line 0800 742 584


    Contact us here

    Visit our website

    Sexual harm victims/survivors - Do you need help and support?
    Abuse and violence
    Social work
    Basic needs
    Cultural support

    For all Asian, African and Middle Eastern women

    Legal / civil services
    Education and training

    Age groups

    • Child / Tamariki
    • Youth / Rangatahi
    • Adult / Pakeke