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Parkinson's New Zealand

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    About Parkinson's New Zealand

    We provide information, education and support to people with Parkinson's (and related conditions) and their caregivers and we liaise with allied health professionals.

    Parkinson's New Zealand is a charitable trust whose primary objective is the optimal wellbeing, dignity and confidence of those with Parkinson's, their families and carers. Our team of nurses and Community Educators are registered health professionals that have a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

    For information on Parkinson's and how we can help you please go to our webpage


    Our nurses and community educators can work beside you or speak on your behalf, particularly when speaking with hospital staff, specialists and employers. They are also able to facilitate family/whanau meetings. Nurses and Community educators are available to meet with family/whanau to discuss how they can best support their family member. They can provide information about Parkinson’s to give family/whanau a better understanding of the condition. They can also provide information about respite care, both day programmes and short term care, available in your area.

    Parkinson's Clinical Service

    There are 25 nurses and community educators across New Zealand. They provide education, information and help people make informed decisions about living with Parkinson’s.

    Nurses and Community educators can provide:

    • home visits
    • clinical support groups for members with similar needs or issues
    • referrals to other health professionals and those who work with people with Parkinson’s in the community
    • advice on monitoring of medication
    • general advice
    • advocacy
    • social activities
    • exercise and other therapies
    • facilitate family/whanau meetings
    • educational seminars.  

    For more information please go to



    Family / whānau

    We also provide support and information for carers and families of people affected by Parkinson’s. This includes how to get information, support with keeping records, financial help, dealing with emotions, networking and support, encouraging independence, asking for help, maintaining a lighter perspective, taking time off and looking after yourself.  Click on this link for more details

    Our nurses and community educators can also provide information about respite care, both day programmes and short term care, available in your area.

    Wellness / healthy lifestyle

    Parkinson's NZ has regional Action Groups that provide a range of social activities for people living with Parkinson's. Your nurse or community educator will be able to tell you about any activities or programmes held in your area.  This may include exercise, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and art or music therapy sessions. 

    Home support

    Our nurses and community educators can provide individualised advice through a personal assessment. They will work with the person with Parkinson’s, their family and carers to provide information and support to an agreed plan that promotes best health and lifestyle.


    Our nurses and community educators can provide general advice on how to arrange mobility vouchers, parking permits, home help and other general assistance.


    This is a free service.

    Age groups

    • Older adult / Kaumātua