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Parents Centres New Zealand Inc.

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    Parents Centre is a national organisation that works with parents to support and equip them with the knowledge and skills to be the best parents they can possibly be. We believe that parenting is everything and that great parents grow great children.

    Established in 1952 to advocate for improved conditions and opportunities for parents before and during childbirth, Parents Centre today is the largest provider of childbirth education in New Zealand. Its nationwide network of volunteer run Centres delivers support to parents at all stages throughout the antenatal and postnatal periods. Support services include: Antenatal/Childbirth Education; Baby & You Programmes; Moving & Munching Programmes; Early Pregnancy and Return to Work programmes; toy libraries; playgroups; and information on breastfeeding; child development; infant sleep; infant feeding; and First Aid.  We also have a range of online programmes to support all stages from Antenatal to Toilet Learning.

    The National Support Centre exists to support the local Centres with governance, programmes, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities. It also publishes KiwiParent - a bi-monthly magazine for members which focuses on supporting parents through the early years with a blend of inspirational and informative articles and features across a wide variety of topics relevant to new parents.

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