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    Pact supports people of all ages with intellectual and other disabilities, people recovering from mental illness and people with alcohol, drug, nicotine and gambling problems. Support for people to lead fulfilling lives, focusing on their strengths to help them reach their goals. 


    Supported Accommodation

    Our supported accommodation services are for people who can benefit from staff support in a home with other flatmates or in their own flat. We have a variety of homes (everything from one-bedroom flats to family-style homes) with staffing to suit people’s needs (eg daytime staffing, overnight staffing).

    We support clients with daily living skills, setting and reaching goals and being as independent as possible – whether that’s learning new skills in the home or working toward living more independently.

    Specialist Maori Supported Accommodation
    We have specialist Maori supported accommodation services in Dunedin that support people recovering from mental illness and people with intellectual disabilities.

    They draw their kawa from the Whanaungatanga best practice model, based in Tikanga Maori. From this sound foundation, there is a commitment to ensuring that tangata whanau are embraced, guided by the principles of Tika, Pono and Aroha.

    Planned and Crisis Respite

    People with mental health issues and/or disability who live independently in the community sometimes need time out. Planned and crisis respite care is provided in a home-like setting, providing a safe place to de-stress. Where there is a crisis situation, respite can be provided at short notice. We also provide respite for people who are eligible for carer support.

    Supportive Landlord Service

    We support people recovering from mental illness who find it hard to secure independent accommodation in the community. Options include shared flatting and individual units, where people pay an affordable rent. Pact holds the tenancy and sublets to clients. Unlike our supported accommodation service, there are no staff on site, but clients may receive Pact community support.

    Social Housing

    We support people recovering from mental illness who find it hard to secure independent accommodation in the community. Options include shared flatting and individual units, where people pay an affordable rent. Pact holds the tenancy and sublets to clients. Unlike our supported accommodation service, there are no staff on site, but clients may receive Pact community support.

    Housing Coordination

    Our housing coordination service helps people whose living environment is contributing to mental illness. Our staff can research options, which may include Pact offerings, or just broker a conversation with a private landlord.

    Live-In Alcohol and Other Drug Programme

    Our live-in programme runs for 8-10 weeks and is abstinence based. While with us, clients attend the education and group therapy CareNZ Intensive Outpatient programme. Under supervision, clients also attend appointments with other health practitioners (if/when required) and organised house activities including gym, Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Co-existing Mental Health & Addictions Problems

    We support adults and youth with experience of mental illness, who are developing alcohol, drug, nicotine or gambling problems. We aim to reduce harm, give people accurate information and support younger people who are at risk of alcohol and other drug and co-existing related problems/dependence. Our staff screen, identify and assess people and provide intervention as required. We provide information and access to other support services in the community and liaise with other services to facilitate training and education for individuals, as well as whanau/family and/or carers.

    Mental Health Community Support - Child and Youth

    Our youth community support workers get to know young people recovering from mental illness or with an intellectual disability in their own home/community and support them to achieve their goals.

    We work alongside children and youth (and case managers where relevant) we help them maintain or improve their mental health, self-esteem and social skills. Staff can help young people find a job or figure out what there is to do in the community. Developing a routine for each day is important, including activities like school, sports, youth groups etc.

    Our team has input and oversight from registered clinicians. Support is provided by trained mental health support workers.

    Supported Accommodation - Child and Youth

    We have supported accommodation in Dunedin and Invercargill for young people who can benefit from 24/7 staff support in a Pact home with other flatmates. Youth can work on goals, gain independence and improve their health. 

    Mental Health Day Programme (Pact Youth South)

    In Invercargill we also have a day programme which can help if someone’s mental health is affecting their ability to attend school, work or other daily activities. This safe environment helps young people develop skills/strengths to return to their everyday routine. A teacher provides support for educational needs.

    Family/Whanau Support

    In Southland, our family/whanau support workers can help the family of young people recovering from mental illness, by providing information on mental health and how best to support their loved one. Our support workers help families /whanau adapt to their family members' illness. They also provide advocacy for the family. 

    Mental Health Community Support - Adult

    We provide help for adults, who are living in the community and who have mental illness or an intellectual disability. We support people to reach their goals, whether that is learning a new daily living skill, tapping into social networks in the community, assisting with housing, or exploring work or study options. People set the goal - we are there to help.

    We also offer specialist Maori community support in Dunedin and Pacific community support in Wellington.

    Consumer Advisors and Peer Support

    Our mental health consumer advisors on the West Coast and Southland provide advocacy and peer support. Their job is to ensure consumers are involved at every level of Pact, have the chance to participate in activities and understand any new information.

    We also provide leadership to mental health and addiction service providers from a service user’s perspective. We ensure all mental health services (not just Pact's) and addiction services are responsive to the needs of service users and that service users have input into service development.

    This service might be for you, if you are:
    •  An existing client of Pact’s mental health services
    •  Mental health and/or addiction service provider

    Pact West Coast’s peer support work service employs three peer support workers in Westport, Hokitika and Greymouth, all of whom have had experience of mental illness and can help others needing non-clinical support. People from all over the West Coast are referred to this service.

    This service might be for you, if you are:
    •  Are recovering from mental illness

    Employment and Vocational Services

    Our employment and vocational services staff help people develop a personal plan, build self-confidence and gain motivation. We also support people to develop communication skills, learn to work with others and link with other agencies where necessary. We determine barriers to employment and identify practical steps to finding a job. We can help people find suitable training as well as voluntary and paid work. Once people are in work, we can support them in the workplace.      

    Through all of this we focus on people’s strengths and help them develop and maintain natural supports, therefore increasing their participation in the community. 

    Social Networking

    Our social networking centres are relaxed and comfortable places where people with an intellectual disability or recovering from a mental illness can take part in vocational, recreational and social activities – or just come in for support and company.

    The Apartment in Dunedin provides a relaxed and comfortable place for adults recovering from mental illness, while The Link Centre in Balclutha provides support for adults and youth with intellectual disabilities and adults recovering from mental illness. The Armitage in South Dunedin supports adults and youth with intellectual disabilities.

    Youth Alcohol and Drug Counselling Support Service

    Our qualified, youth-friendly alcohol and drug counsellors work around the greater Wellington region providing 1:1 counselling or group sessions to youth aged between 10 and 19. We are based in many schools, as well as other community centres and services and also have clients see us on site.

    Our AOD counsellors provide a free and confidential service which includes: assessments of alcohol or drugs and mental health, counselling, education, harm reduction and relapse prevention strategies. We are client centred and support our youth to achieve their goals.

    Youth Navigation Service

    Our youth-friendly support workers, journey alongside our young people in the community to set and achieve their goals, helping to provide meaningful activities, strengthening relationships and connections in their community.


    Fetu Ola Pasifika Team

    This service ensures people receive support that reflects who they are as a person and a people. We provide support with family, housing, education, employment and accessing financial or social/health services. Our skilled and compassionate team work with people to identify their needs and develop goals to support them to achieve great outcomes.

    We can provide support individually or in groups and wherever needed, whether that is in people’s own homes or in the wider community e.g. churches and social events etc.