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Odyssey House Christchurch

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    Odyssey House Trust Christchurch provides therapeutic support and education to clients with drug and alcohol addictions. Our mission is to reduce the harm to the individual, family and community by reducing the long term effects of addictions.

    Odyssey House Trust Christchurch is a member of the Youth Addictions and Mental Health Alliance (YAMHA) and can facilitate entry into these additional services, if relevant.


    Adult Residential Service

    This service provides drug-free residential treatment for males aged 17 and over who are experiencing significant harm as a result of their own alcohol and or other drug use. The programmes are based on  the therapeutic community concept of mutual self help.

    A small number of national referrals are accepted for clients who have a methamphetamine dependence.

    Read more about the service here.

    Youth Residential Service

    The Residential Programme is a residential integrated treatment programme for young people aged 14-18 years who are experiencing serious difficulties with substance misuse and other associated problems.

    A small number of national referrals are accepted from the Ministry of Social Development for youth with alcohol or other drug dependence.

    Read more about this service here.


    Youth Day Programmes

    The Day Programme is a non-residential integrated treatment programme for young people aged 12-19 years who are experiencing serious difficulties with substance misuse and other associated problems.

    The programme includes:

    • Individual & Group Work
    • Family/Whanau Group
    • Educational/ Vocational Assessment
    • Recreational Activities
    • Life Skills Development
    • Medical and Psychiatric Assessment
    • Legal Assistance

    Read more about this service here.

    Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment and Treatment Service (ADAS)

    ADAS works primarily with corrections clients who are suffering from Alcohol and other Drug issues.

    ADAS provides comprehensive Alcohol & other Drug assessments for those in prison and in the community. ADAS offer case management, treatment, as well as referrals to other agencies as needed. ADAS are keen to be a source of information and advice for clients and whanau/families as needed. ADAS, in partnership with other AOD agencies, also offer triage and liaison with Justice agencies as well as providing a Motivational & Educational Group for Community Probation clients.

    Read more about this service here.

    Driving Change Programme
    Driving change is an Impaired Driving programme, specifically for those with 2 or more Excess Breath Alcohol charges or convictions. Referrals are accepted from all avenues, including self-referrals.

    Read more about this service here.

    Sixtyfive Alive

    This is a programme designed to enhance the quality of life for people aged 65 years and over, who are concerned about their use of alcohol and other drugs, including prescribed medication and co-existing mental health and medical problems.

    Read more about this service here.

    Methamphetamine Help Team (MHT)

    MHT is a phone-based, nationwide counselling service available for anyone who is experiencing a problem related to methamphetamine. This includes those that use and those who have concerns regarding someone else’s use. Service users are assigned their own Counsellor and can be supported at any stage of their journey.

    We have the ability to offer some face to face appointments in Christchurch.

    Read more about the service here.

    Youth Alcohol & Other Drug Motivation and Education Group (ASAP)

    The Youth Alcohol and Other Drug Motivation and Education Group provides alcohol and other drug motivation and education groups to youth in Te Puna Wai Youth Justice Facility. It has a 10 week repeating cycle.

    Phone on 021 222 1160

    Hapori Ora (Day AOD Programme)

    Programme delivery commenced July 2 2018. Referrals will be placed on a wait list. 

    What we do
    Hapori Ora is a collaboration between Odyssey House Christchurch and Christchurch City Mission. It is an intensive group-based alcohol and other drug treatment programme delivered by a supportive team of experienced professionals and peer support workers.
    The programme consists of 32 group sessions offering holistic support around alcohol and other drug treatment needs. Groups about health and wellbeing, mood management, communication skills, healthy relationships, SMART recovery and outdoor therapy will form part of the programme content.

    What our service offers:
    •    Group work
    •    Day, evening and Saturday groups
    •    Cultural awareness
    •    Individual pre and post treatment planning sessions
    •    Peer support
    •    Whanau support

    Drug Treatment Programme and Aftercare Service

    The Drug Treatment Programme at Christchurch Men’s Prison is funded by the Department of a Corrections. It is a 6 month alcohol and drug treatment programme, based on a modified therapeutic community programme, which fits within the prison environment.

    The primary goal is to foster personal growth. This is accomplished by changing an individual’s lifestyle through a community of concerned people working together to help themselves and each other. Residents receive extensive assessment, individual and group therapy as well as education and structured activities.

    Individuals who graduate the Drug Treatment Programme can elect to work with a member of the Aftercare team for up to a year after graduation.  Aftercare support is delivered both within the prison, if a client remains in prison after graduation, and within the community.  It consists of group and individual therapy.

    Aftercare workers help to build a network of support around an individual and can also work with whanau or family members, employers, Community Probation Officers and others who the client identifies as a significant support in maintaining change.

    Christchurch Central Service (CCS) – AOD (Alcohol And Other Drug) Coordination

    What we do

    A coordination and resource centre for alcohol and drug issues. A key role of this service is to facilitate access to the Canterbury AOD treatment services. The service provides screening and assessment to help link the person win with the appropriate AOD service.
    This includes access to Residential services, Day Programmes, Individual Counselling and Group Work. The service has social workers, AOD counsellors, nurses, peer support workers and psychologist on the team.

    What’s New

    Tūhauora's collaboration of NGOs, Community and Specialist Services has exceeded expectations and has seen a 25 percent increase in referrals in the eighteen-months since its inception, resulting in the formal opening of new expanded premises in April 2018.

    Read more here

    Take Charge - Employment and Mental Health Support Service

    Take Charge is a service in Christchurch that engages with young preople aged 18-24 years that have mild to moderate mental health issues and are looking for work or study. We help empower them to take their next step and to facilitate the steps along the way. We work alongside them and give them the skills needed to climb the ladder of whatever they want to achieve, be it study or finding work.

    We offer 12 months support to find work or study and then up to 12 months support to maintain this.


    Intensive Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programme - Te Ngahere

    This service provides an 8 week intensive alcohol and drug treatment programme in Christchurch Women's prison.

    The primary goal is to encourage women to look at their AOD use and grow connections.

    It provides aftercare post the programme both in the prison and back out in the community.

    Manu Ka Rere (Formerly called CYMHS - Community Mental Health and Addictions Service)

    Manu Ka Rere is a free service for young people 13-24 who are seeking support for wellbeing. We offer face to face counselling sessions, group work, group therapy, education and other activities. This is a colloborative service with Odyssey House Trust Christchurch, Stepping Stone, PuraPura Whetu, Wellbeing North Canterbury, 298 Youth Health Centre, Christchurch City Mission, Waipuna and Ashburton Community Alcohol and Drug, working collectively to deliver the services.


    This is a Canterbury DHB funded service.

    No fees apply.