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New Zealand Liver Transplant Unit (NZLTU)

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    Kia ora.

    At alert level 4 we are making  a number of changes to keep you and our staff safe:

    • We are converting outpatient clinic appointments to telephone of video appointments where possible – you’ll be provided with all the information you need.
    • We are still seeing patients in person who require urgent appointments. If you have an in person appointment and have any COVID-19 symptoms or have been told by public health to isolate please phone the number on your appointment letter in advance.
    • Unfortunately most of our planned surgery is being rescheduled. Acute and critically urgent surgery will still go ahead as usual.
    • We are trying to contact our patients to confirm their appointment or to reschedule them. 
    • Visitor restrictions are in place at the moment – you can visit Auckland DHB website for more information.

     The situation is changing so please continue to visit the Auckland DHB website for updates.


    The Liver Unit provides the following services for NZ residents:-

    • Liver Outpatient Service: hepatology, hepatitis treatment clinics, NAFLD clinic
    • Liver Transplant assessment and follow up for transplant patients
    • Surgical review of transplant patients/Hepatobiliary referrals should go through General Surgery
    • Hepatoma Clinic review/Specialist Radiology Referrals for Hepatoma Radiology Conference (refs received nationally) 
    • Fibroscans
    • Liver Research Service/currently running variety of trials
    • ACC/Medical Reports
    • Maternity/Medical Council review by request

     Non-resident patients:-

    Fibroscan by referral from medical practitioner - charge of $244.95



    • Professor Ed Gane

      Professor Ed Gane

      Hepatologist / Professor of Medicine
    • Dr Rachael Harry

      Dr Rachael Harry

    • Dr David Orr

      Dr David Orr

    • Dr Dominic Ray-Chaudhuri

      Dr Dominic Ray-Chaudhuri

      Clinical Director - Liver Transplant
    • Prof John McCall

      Prof John McCall

      Liver Transplant/Hepatobiliary Surgeon
    • Dr Thomas Hanna

      Dr Thomas Hanna

      Transplant Surgeon
    • Mr Peter Swan

      Mr Peter Swan

      Transplant Surgeon
    • Mr Peter Johnston

      Mr Peter Johnston

      Transplant Surgeon
    • Mr Peter Carr-Boyd

      Mr Peter Carr-Boyd

      Transplant Surgeon


    Fibroscans are performed at the NZ Liver Transplant Unit, Level 15, Auckland City Hospital.  Referrals can be sent direct to the NZ Liver Transplant Unit, or e-mailed to  Fibroscans require referral from a medical practitioner (a specialist or GP).

    Please DO NOT EAT OR DRINK anything for 2 HOURS prior to your scan.

    Fibroscans are available for non-residents: cost $244.95 (includes GST).  Payment must be made prior to fibroscan (this can be done by reporting to the Cashier's office, behind Level 5 Reception Desk at Auckland City Hospital just prior to the fibroscan appointment.  Patients, if in doubt about eligibility, are advised to bring along passport/birth certificate and/or any permits they have. 

    Any queries can be referred to

    Please find attached a fibroscan information leaflet

    Of note:

    Patients who have been referred to liver outpatient clinic may undergo a fibroscan as part of their routine assessment.  We can offer this at our Greenlane Clinical Centre clinics as well as at Auckland. 


    For immigration and non-resident fibroscans, the cost is $244.95 and payment to be made prior to, but on day of fibroscan with the Cashier's office (behind main reception) on Level 5, Auckland City Hospital.  This will be confirmed when the fibroscan appointment is made.

    Referrals to be e-mailed to or, or sent in through the ADHB Referrals system


    Lions Transplant House, 2 Glasgow Terrace,Grafton provides accommodation for patients pre and post liver transplant.

    Patients being assessed for liver transplant surgery will be provided with accommodation if from outside Greater Auckland area

    Patients (non-transplant assessment) referred from hospitals outside of Auckland will require travel expenses to be organised by their local travel coordinator.

    For general information on Auckland City Hospital (maps, parking, refreshments etc) please click here.