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Natural Fertility New Zealand

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    NFNZ specialises in teaching women and couples about natural fertility and how it relates to the menstrual cycle. NFNZ educators also provide education sessions to health professionals worth ongoing medical education points with the NZ midwifery council and the RNZCGPs as well as community and in-school education sessions. Please refer to our website to find your local provider

    There are clinics in most cities nationwide. We also offer a correspondence service and web-based sessions. We are fully qualified and accredited educators.

    Natural Fertility teaches couples Natural, Healthy, Drug-free contraception methods. Our clients include breastfeeding mothers, women stopping the contraceptive pill or Depo Provera “the injection”, as well as couples wanting to learn fertility awareness, while using barrier methods.

    We also help couples to understand their own fertility and when to time their love making, to maximise chances of conception. We also support and assist couples having fertility problems or infertility issues such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, and recurrent miscarriages.

    Our methods are 98% effective and can be used by anyone, whether they have regular or irregular periods. This involves learning about the fertile signs of your body and using basal body temperature charting, to look at ovulation and hormonal changes.

    We are also available to do education sessions in schools with regards to puberty and sexual health, as well as to education providers, community groups, and health professionals.

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    Mother and child / Māmā and pēpi
    Pregnancy and parenting
    Sexual and reproductive health

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