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Higher Ground - Drug Rehabilitation Trust

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    We provide rehabilitation programmes that are based on 12 Step recovery principles. We believe the spiritual dimensions of honesty, open mindedness, willingness, faith, hope, respect and generosity are the foundations of healing. We emphasise that clients need to take individual responsibility for their recovery.


    Drug & Alcohol Residential Recovery Programme

    Higher Ground provides an 18-week residential recovery programme for people with a dependency to alcohol or other drugs. The programme aims to assist residents to improve social and psychological well being and to maintain abstinence from alcohol and other drug use.

    We offer a high quality, culturally responsive, drug-free programme based on a therapeutic community model. Read more about the Therapeutic Community model here

    Higher Ground offers a comprehensive program for Māori. The program is available to all residents, whatever their ethnicity. The Kaupapa Whānau Oranga program is grounded in a Wairua focused (spiritual) and Whānau driven (recovery family in action) approach to wellbeing.

    At Higher Ground we are committed to providing a safe & welcoming community for all Rainbow clients, staff, whanau, friends & visitors.

    Family Education Group

    Our Family Education Group is for family / whanau / significant others of residents. It is a bi-weekly education group, on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

    Topics include:

    • The Therapeutic Community and Higher Ground.
    • Families and Addiction – The ‘Domino Effect’.
    • Addiction as a Disease Concept – ‘The Roots of Addiction’.

    Multiple Family Group also starts at 7pm on Wednesday and is for residents and family members. The resident and family members join this group on their fourth Wednesday in treatment. Family members complete three Wednesdays in Family Education Group and then move into Multiple Family Group. Each resident is encouraged to have two family members or support people at each Multiple Family Group.

    Continuing Care

    The purpose of the Continuing Care programmes is to assist residents in maintaining quality recovery whilst integrating back into society.

    There are two Continuing Care outpatient groups. An outpatient Continuing Care individual counselling programme and a residential Continuing Care programme.



    The Higher Ground programme is funded through contracts with the Waitemata District Health Board, Waikato District Health Board and the Ministry of Health. When a person comes into the programme they are, in many cases, eligible for a WINZ benefit. A portion of the benefit is paid directly to Higher Ground as the clients contribution to the cost of their time in the programme. Normally a client makes no further payment to Higher Ground towards the cost of the Programme.

    Where a client does not qualify for any WINZ benefit a weekly charge will be levied. Currently this is approximately $185 per week.