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Epilepsy Association of New Zealand

On this page

    Services available
    Information and support – for people who have epilepsy and their families/whanau.
    Personal appointments – to assist a person who has epilepsy to understand and manage their epilepsy, covering:
    -          what is epilepsy?
    -          medication for epilepsy
    -          possible improvement in seizure control
    -          employment and education issues
    -          information about medical and other community services.
    Representation – for people with epilepsy to health services, schools, employers and community agencies.
    Information – brochures, information sheets, newsletters, etc.
    Understanding Epilepsy Seminars:
    These training seminars are suitable for health professionals, education professionals, students, community agencies, workplaces, care facilities, government departments, or anyone interested in learning how to recognise and manage seizures.  
    Full Understanding Epilepsy Seminars 1 ½ - 2 hours covering:
    -          what is epilepsy?
    -          what causes epilepsy?
    -          recognition of seizure types
    -          managing seizures
    -          seizure triggers
    -          recording seizures
    -          principles of anti-epileptic medication
    -          lifestyle issues.
    Also available are Basic Understanding Epilepsy Seminars which are 30 – 40 minutes covering:
    -          what is epilepsy?
    -          what causes epilepsy?
    -          recognising seizure types
    -          how to manage seizures
    -          seizure triggers
    -          lifestyle issues.
    Asian services
    Family / whānau

    We provide education and support to rest homes.

    Kaupapa Māori
    Mother and child / Māmā and pēpi
    Pacific Island people
    Whānau Ora
    Wellness / healthy lifestyle

    Infomation and support on how to manage epilepsy through healthy living.

    Injury, illness or disability

    We can do your assessment for a total mobility card. We also have infomation on hospital shuttles.


    Services are free of charge or at no cost for people living with epilepsy in New Zealand.

    Advanced Professional Development training is charged at a cost recovery rate per workshop. Details are available by contacting a local Educator on 0800 37 45 37.

    Teaching & Information Resources are available online


    Age groups

    • Youth / Rangatahi
    • Adult / Pakeke