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English Language Partners Dunedin

On this page

    We teach English for work and everyday life in New Zealand, providing a wide range of programmes to cater for the needs of our diverse learners.

    We help new Kiwis learn the English they need to participate and live independent lives.


    Education and training

    At our Dunedin centre we offer the following programmes:

    In class

    • English language group
    • ESOL literacy
    • ESOL intensive
    • ESOL road code
    For work
    • English for Employees
    • Work Talk
    At home
    • Pre-paid English Language Tuition (PELT) [previously known as English for Migrants]
    • ESOL home tutoring

    Click here for details of these programmes.


    Programmes are free for people who are NZ Citizens or Residents. There is a small cost for people who are on temporary visas.

    Our Pre-paid English Language Tuition (PELT), previously known as English for Migrants, is for people who have already pre-paid Immigration New Zealand for English lessons before they arrived.

    Age groups

    • Adult / Pakeke