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Clinical Advisory Services Aotearoa

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    We have a model of working alongside groups and organisations that acknowledges the strengths both parties bring to the relationship. We bring a broad range of knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of suicide prevention and postvention as well as broader areas of mental health and wellbeing. Our kaupapa is to share our clinical expertise through training, supervision, support and consultancy. We have a particular emphasis on the delivery of effective suicide prevention and postvention services to organisations and communities.


    We are a team of highly experienced people with clinical and/or lived experience of suicide working in the suicide prevention and postvention space.

    All CASA Clinical Advisors are required to be registered Health Professionals and abide by their professional standards.


    Aoake te Rā: Bereaved by Suicide Service

    Aoake te Rā is rolling out as a nationwide programme providing free brief therapeutic service to individuals and whānau as they navigate life after a loss by suicide. Aoake te Rā means ‘a new sun rises' - the emerging light being a symbol of hope as whānau adapt to their loss.

    • We offer a service for those needing focused support following bereavement by suicide. The service is: 
      • free
      • available to all ages and at any stage after bereavement
      • a brief service with approximately four hours support per person (e.g. four 60 minute sessions) 
      • available for individuals, couples or whānau groups 
    • We offer face to face, online and phone services
    • We are one of a range of services that support people bereaved by suicide 
    • We aim to be a culturally responsive, safe and effective service
    • We work with identified local Providers (e.g. counsellors, psychologists and other health professionals) who we train in suicide bereavement. If there is not yet a local Provider available in your area you can access the service online if preferred. 
    • We are an emerging service that has been developed using co-design with bereaved indiviudals, whānau and communities.

    For more information visit 

    Community Postvention Response Service (CPRS)

    The role of the service is to provide support to a community when there is concern about suicide contagion or a suicide cluster (actual or emerging). CPRS team members travel to the area of concern and work with local services to manage risk and contagion.

    CPRS uses a community development model and works in partnership with local agencies and leadership, combining CPRS expertise and knowledge with the community’s own expertise and knowledge to guide and advise on the most appropriate response for each unique community of concern.

    CPRS operates as an external consultation service that works alongside communities to facilitate a postvention response.

    CPRS is funded by the Ministry of Health.

    More detailed information about CPRS can be found in the CPRS Information Sheet.

    Training and Consultation

    CASA develops and delivers training that is tailored to the particular needs of groups and organisations.

    We provide training to a range of government agencies, health professionals, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and community groups. The focus of our training has mainly been on suicide prevention (identifying, assessing and managing suicide risk), suicide postvention and clinical supervision. We are also able to able to respond to requests for training in other areas of our expertise.

    CASA can also provide assistance to organisations dealing with suicide related issues such as the impact of suicide within the work environment. This could include a review of the organisational response and identification of what needs to be actioned to address the current situation and reduce likelihood of future events. Additionally we are able work with organisations to proactively develop a health and safety framework for mental health which identifies organisational risk, strategies to reduce risk and systems for ongoing monitoring and longer term management of risk.


    CPRS service is free of charge.

    Please contact us for more information on costs for Training and Consultation services.