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ADHD Association Inc.

On this page

    Our Vision is for people affected by ADHD to live valued lives and realise their potential.

    The ADHD Association was formed in 1977 and is a national, community based, non-profit organisation. We are committed to relieving the distress and difficulties families experience with ADHD. We are not government funded and rely on contestable grants, sponsorship and membership fees to deliver our services.


    Resources and Support

    Knowing how to best help their family member who has been diagnosed with ADHD can be an extremely stressful time for family and whanau.  We are an organisation that people can turn to for information, strategies and support.  With knowledge we empower our community to develop their resilience, and to encourage them to search for resources and support for their particular journey.

    To achieve this we:

    * encourage people to contact our organisation for information on who best to assist them on their ADHD journey.

    * maintain our website which is filled with articles and information about ADHD, including our Healthcare Directory.

    * maintain our private Facebook pages: "Parents of Children with ADHD", "Adults with ADHD", and "Partners of Adults with ADHD", which are a useful place to find a supportive online community.

    * constantly investigate new ADHD scientific research, and information, that we can pass on to our ADHD community.

    * maintain an extensive "New Membership Pack", which empowers families to help their children with ADHD to meet their full potential at school and in the community.

    * hold workshops such as our "Every Day with ADHD Parenting course", which gives parents tools to help their children, and family, within their ADHD diagnosis.


    Feel free to explore our website: for information on how to become a Member of ADHD New Zealand, as well as details of any upcoming Events and Workshop.