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Southlanders invited to free community workshop on Survival Skills in Challenging Times

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Southern DHB Consultant Clinical Psychologist Henck van Bilsen is running a full-day community workshop on Survival Skills in Challenging Times in Invercargill on Saturday 27 February at the Ascot Park Hotel, from 9.30am until 4pm.

The workshop is open to health professionals, members of the public and anyone interested in learning skills to navigate through life in a positive and affirming way.

"Even if you are facing challenges all around you, if you have acquired the skills to meet them with a healthy and positive mental mindset, then you will be better position to get through."

Henck, who has practiced Clinical Psychology for more than 40 years, has always been interested in people's mental suffering, how it happens, and how people can arm themselves with strategies to help eliminate or reduce their suffering.

"Some people are exposed to certain events which make them depressed or anxious, while other people can be exposed to the same events and thrive. So what are the skills the people who thrive use that people who get depressed and anxious don't use?

"The workshops we have designed are based on solid psychological science about how people can overcome mental misery and the knocks that life gives them," he says.

To reserve your place, call or email Ann Kingsbury on 03 218 1949 x 48078 or

The workshop will be run in accordance with the appropriate COVID Alert Level rules in place.