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New campaign hits Dunedin streets

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The Dunedin Alcohol Harm Reduction Group, a network of organisations, have launched a new campaign to encourage people of Ōtepoti Dunedin to reflect on their use of alcohol products. 

The multi-media campaign aims to increase people’s awareness that they might be drinking more alcohol than they think, and that alcoholic products cause long-term health harms. 

Toni Paterson, Senior Health Promotion Advisor from the Southern DHB says alcohol campaigns have typically focused on the short-term harms caused by alcohol products.  

Most of us try to look after ourselves, but when it comes to alcohol products New Zealanders still drink too much. Typical pours of alcoholic products usually contain more than one standard drink, and people may not be aware of the associated health risks they are putting themselves at. 

Sophie Carty, Health Promotion & Advocacy Manager from Cancer Society says many people are not aware that alcohol is a class 1 carcinogen (like tobacco smoking or asbestos). 

There is no safe level of alcohol consumption in relation to cancer. Drinking any amount of alcohol increases the risk of you or your loved ones developing cancer.

The wide promotion and easy access to cheap alcoholic products has normalised the use of alcohol - we need more community awareness of the harms, particularly cancer risk.

The Dunedin Alcohol Harm Reduction Group would like to acknowledge Te Hiringa Hauora or the Health Promotion Agency whose funding made this project possible.  

For useful information on how to reduce your pour visit:  

For further information contact: 

Toni Paterson, Senior Health Promotion Advisor, Public Health South, 027 284 0544 or email m 

Sophie Carty, Health Promotion & Advocacy Manager, Cancer Society, 021 225 2501 or email 

More information:

  • The Dunedin Alcohol Harm Reduction Group is a partnership between public health organisations, alcohol and other drug treatment providers and other stakeholders in Dunedin (Southern DHB, Dunedin City Council, Adventure Development, Mirror HQ, Otago and Southland Division of the Cancer Society, ACC,WellSouth Primary Health Network, St John, NZ Police and University of Otago). It is facilitated by Public Health South, Southern DHB.
  • Worried about your drinking? Call the Alcohol & Drug helpline on 0800 787 797 or FreeTXT 8681
  • Want to know more about low-risk drinking? Visit: