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Look after each other this O Week

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Look after each other this O Week 

Issued by Police Media Centre | Acting Inspector Jared Kirk, Otago Coastal Prevention Manager

Police want students to have fun but be safe this Orientation Week. 

We want parents and caregivers to take note of this advice too, so they can make sure their young people have the information they need to be safe while still having fun. 

“Please engage your brain before acting.

We want you to enjoy all that is great about being a student in Dunedin, but not at the expense of someone else or someone else’s property”.

“Our goal is for students to be safe and feel safe while having a good time and working hard,” says Acting Inspector Kirk, “we welcome you to our city however please leave any anti-social antics at home.

If you are hosting a party, make sure you register it with the Good One Party register at

That way we can work with you to ensure it is a safe event.

We love the energy students bring to the city but please be respectful, look after yourself, and look after your mates”.

“Remember to lock up your flat and your car, if you have one, and secure your belongings to avoid becoming an easy target.”

If you are planning on drinking while partying, then take note of this following advice;

• Look after your friends and stick together. If you plan to walk, go in pairs or groups, either way, have a plan for getting home safely at the end of your night.

• Have cash, your Eftpos card or phone app to pay for transport home or arrange a trusted sober driver to collect you.

• Have a place to meet up with your friends if you get separated during the night.

• Have something substantial to eat before you head out to party.

• Have a glass of water between each alcoholic drink.

• Make sure your phone is fully charged.

• Never leave your drink unattended or accept any drinks that you haven't personally seen poured, especially from strangers.

• Challenge any inappropriate comments or actions from anyone and report them to bar staff, or police if necessary.

We all have a responsibility to ensure our friends and loved ones are safe, so keep an eye out and report any concerns you have.

Police also has a message for those who seek to take advantage of vulnerable or intoxicated people - do not do this.

Do not allow your mates to do this either.

Sexual assault is unacceptable.

It is never the victim’s fault and should not be tolerated in any situation. Police take sexual assault extremely seriously.

We will respond to and investigate every incident reported to us. 

Remember there are liquor bans in places, so be careful where you drink.

Call 111 in an emergency if something is happening right now, illegal or suspicious.

If it’s already happened you can provide information via the Police non-emergency number – call 105 or go online at  Waea atu ki 111 me he ohotata, e tū ana rānei tētahi mea taihara, hihira rānei i taua wā tonu.

Mēnā kua pahawa kē, me tuku taipitopito mā te nama ohotata-kore a Ngā Pirihimana - waea atu ki 105, toro ki te ipurangi ki rānei