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Nurse Entry to Practice Programme 2020

Welcome to Southern DHB's Nurse Entry to Practice programme. We understand that as beginning practitioners you require support to make a smooth and successful transition from the student role to the role of registered nurse.

Programme start dates for 2020

  • 27 January 2020
  • 1 April 2020

We anticipate 60 vacancies across Dunedin Hospital, Southland Hospital, NESP (Mental Health) and Community Providers across the district.

Clinical Disciplines

SDHB Available 2020


Health of Older People






Ward 6B AT&R – Dunedin Hospital
AT&R – Southland Hospital


Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation




ISIS Rehabilitation – Dunedin Hospital


Cardiac Care - Includes Coronary Care Units, Cardiothoracic









Ward 7A – Dunedin Hospital

Ward 7B – Dunedin Hospital

Ward 7C – Dunedin Hospital


Emergency & Trauma








Emergency Department – Dunedin Hospital

Emergency Department – Southland Hospital


Perioperative care – Includes Day Surgery








Perioperative Services – Southland Hospital

Perioperative Services – Dunedin Hospital


Paediatrics/Child Health








Children’s Ward – Dunedin Hospital

Children’s Ward – Southland Hospital 










Ward 8 Medicine – Dunedin Hospital

Medical Ward – Southland Hospital












Ward 3 Surgical – Dunedin Hospital

Ward 4C – Dunedin Hospital

Surgical Ward – Southland Hospital


Public Health Nursing




Public Health – Dunedin Hospital 






Ward 8C – Dunedin Hospital 






Neonatal ICU – Dunedin Hospital


Mental Health & Addictions


























Ward 6C – Dunedin Hospital

Ward 9A – Wakari Hospital

Ward 10 – Wakari Hospital

Acute Inpatients Units - Wakari Hospital

Southern Rivers Community Mental Health - Gore

Child, Adolescent & Family Services – Southland Hospital

Mental Health Unit – Southland Hospital

Maori Mental Health – Southland Hospital


External Placements




Aged Care Facilities

Community Providers


The NETP Programme at Southern DHB is Nursing Council of New Zealand accredited and aims:

  • To provide a safe and supportive environment in which the graduate nurse gains clinical competency to a level consistent with a registered nurse.

  • To provide a framework to ensure graduate nurses commencing employment in any of the participating services receive a comprehensive and consistent orientation.

  • To assist the graduate to make the transition from the role of student to the role of a professional registered nurse.

  • To establish a preceptorship link between a nursing graduate and an experienced nurse.

  • To promote continuing education and enhance professional development.

  • To encourage reflective practice.

  • To further develop their understanding and application of the requirements of professional accountability and ethical practice inherent in the role of the registered nurse.

  • To recognise the effects of skilled practice of nurses on quality patient outcomes.

  • To retain nurses with competent skills by offering a robust learning framework.

Our programme will assist you to further develop your clinical practice and critical thinking skills and become an active member of our nursing team. This requires a practice-centred approach that develops confidence, clinical reasoning/decision making and acceptance of the responsibility of the registered nurse.

The NETP RN represents the future of the nursing profession and so we are committed to giving you the opportunity to develop your professional and practice roles in a supportive environment that models excellence in nursing practice, leadership, professionalism and best practice principles.

Placements on the NETP programme may be available within the Southern DHB, Primary Health Care, or community settings such as private practice, residential care facilities, or community organisations.

The Southern DHB NETP programme is offered on both Southland and Otago sites.

Placements within Southern DHB (Otago or Southland site) will be identified and determined as part of the ACE National Recruitment Process.


  • Southern District Health Board offers a variety of clinical places across Medical, Surgical. Children's and Older Person's health areas. The approximate number of places on offer for 2020 is 60.                                                                                 

NETP Programme Entry Criteria

  • Nurses accepted onto the programme hold a nursing degree from a New Zealand Bachelor of Nursing programme approved by the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

  • Nurses accepted on to the programme must be a NZ Citizen or hold a valid NZ Residency permit.

  • Nurses accepted onto the programme hold New Zealand registration within the Registered Nurse scope of practice.

  • Nurses accepted onto the programme hold a current annual practising certificate (APC) with no restrictions on that APC that would negatively impact on their ability to participate in the programme.

  • Nurses must have graduated in the previous 24 months and not practised as an RN for longer than six months at the time they commence the programme.

Nurses accepted on to the programme must be able to work a minimum of 0.8FTE.

The Southern DHB eligibility criteria is aligned with the HWNZ specifications. More information can be found on their website

We are happy to discuss and provide information relating to the NETP opportunities within our DHB - however, you should note that for the January/February 2020 intake, all applications can only be made through the Nursing Advanced Choice of Employment (ACE) website which will open for applications on Wednesday 14 August 2019, we estimate NETP positions will be on this website from Tuesday 13 August 2019.  

Full details on this application process can be found on the Kiwi Health Jobs website under the 'ACE' tab.

For further information you can contact:
Southland Programme   Otago Programme
Shelley McDonald
Nurse Educator NETP Programme
03 218 1949 Ext 8035

Pam Markby
NETP Programme Coordinator
03 470 0674