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West Otago Health Medical Centre

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    West Otago Health is a community owned general practice and rest home. We provide a wide range of services at our clinic such as family medicine, community nursing, midwife, physiotherapy, podiatry and we have specialists visit on a monthly basis.

    We work in a professional, but casual manner, which fits our vision of care in the community.


    Our team is made up of 1 GP (see details below under “General Practitioners”) and:

    Practice Manager: Karen McHutchon (Registered Nurse)

    Financial Administrator: Julia Body

    Nursing Staff: Emily Street (Registered Nurse), Donna Pringle (Registered Nurse), Dawn Jarvis (District Nurse), Nicola Chittock ( DIstrict Nurse ) and Heather Park (Enrolled Nurse)

    Receptionist: Bess Thomson, Kristin Calder and Heather Park (Enrolled Nurse)

    COVID-19 Vaccination

    • Anyone currently eligible can access
    • Make an appointment

    Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an important step you can take to protect yourself, your kaumātua and whānau from the effects of the virus. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccines and eligibility visit Ministry of Health - COVID-19 vaccines

    The majority of routine vaccinations can now be administered before, after, or at the same time as your COVID-19 vaccinations. The exception to this is the Zostavax (shingles) vaccine where a 7-day gap before or after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 is advised. If you have any questions, please discuss with your health provider.

    To make an appointment use the booking link below or call the COVID Vaccination Healthline on 0800 28 29 26.


    • Dr Fons Captijn

      General Practitioner - Vocationally Registered
    Special Assistance Support (COVID-19 Vaccination)
    Adult and Child Medical Care

    Your GP's surgery is far more than a place to go when you are feeling unwell and needing a quick cure. The doctor who sees you has gone through an extensive medical training to equip her or him to help children and adults of all ages with a range of physical and emotional difficulties. GPs are at the centre of the healthcare hub and will be aware of services and expertise that are available locally and further-a-field. GPs are also aware of the link that stress and unhappy life events have on physical health so know when to suggest a talking therapy rather than medication.

    Minor Surgery

    Minor surgery is commonly provided in primary care practices, providing fast, competent removal and biopsies of skin lesions. Other services include cosmetic work such as removal of benign moles and skin tags. Ingrown toenail surgery is also commonly provided. 
    These conditions do not need to be referred to a hospital, perhaps saving you a long wait or a cancelled appointment when a more serious case takes priority. 
    If your doctor is unable to provide the procedure you need, he/she may know a neighbouring GP who does. Otherwise, the PHO will have a list of GPs trained in particular operations.


    Immunisations are provided at all primary care practices and are one of the most important services they provide. Immunisation has led to the decline of many lethal diseases including meningococcal B meningitis.

    The National Immunisation Schedule offers a series of vaccines free to babies, children, adolescents and adults. Visit the Ministry of Health website to find out what vaccines are on the Schedule and when they are given.  Additional vaccines are provided free for certain eligible groups considered to be at high risk because of other medical conditions; find out more here These and other vaccines such as travel vaccines can be purchased by other people if they want them.

    Immunisations are given by a practice nurse or doctor, having ensured beforehand that the person is not ill or suffering from allergies. Risks associated with immunisation are very rare.

    Children have their own document to keep a record of these injections. Under the age of 5 this is usually their Well Child/Tamariki Ora My Health Book. The immunisation record may need to be shown, for example, when starting school or early childcare. The staff will also record the immunisation details on New Zealand’s National Immunisation Register. This computerised information system holds details of all immunisations given to children here and will alert families when immunisations are due.

    Travel Advice / Immunisations

    Another service offered to you at your GP surgery (primary care practice) is advice and immunisation before you go to another country. While you are likely to have the immunisations needed to live in New Zealand, there may be other injections you need to protect yourself before going for example to Africa or South America. In some places you will need protection from rabies or malaria. Yellow fever vaccinations are only available at approved centres; please click here to view the centres in the Auckland region. Your doctor will be able to tell you what diseases you will need to be protected from in any named country and advise you on other medical matters. 

    Covid-19 testing


    Community testing centre

    People in Otago or Southland seeking a COVID-19 test should 0800 VIRUS 19 (0800 847 8719) or their local GP for advice. If you are offered a test for COVID-19, please take it. It will help us ensure we don't have community transmission, and help keep your friends and whanua safe. Regardless of where you are tested, COVID-19 testing is free of charge

    Call your GP or 0800 VIRUS19 (0800 847 8719) to get tested. If you don't have a GP, or your GP does not offer COVID-19 tests, you can be tested at a designated practise. Call 0800VIRUS19 / 0800 847 8719 to arrange testing.


    0800 virus 19 call centre
    9.00 am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday
    9.00am to 12.00pm, weekends

    Fee comment

    • The fees quoted above relate to patients enrolled with West Otago Health only.
    • The payable fee relates to a standard 15 minute consultation during normal working hours, Monday to Friday inclusive.
    • If the duration of the consultation is greater than 15 minutes, an extended consultation fee of $75 will apply.


     Age Group Patient Co-payment
    0-12 Years Free
    13-17 Years $30
    18-24 Years $30
    25-44 Years $30
     45-64 Years $30
     65 Years and over $30
    • The fees quoted above relate to any consultation covered by ACC
    • You do not have to be enrolled with West Otago Health to access services funded by ACC. Therefore, the fees above relate to everyone, irrespective of if you are enrolled with West Otago Health, or not.


    CASUAL PATIENT CONSULTANT (with any provider)

     Age Group

    Patient Co-payment

    Full Fee

     Patient Co-payment

    Holder of a Community Services Card or High User Health Card

     0-13 Years $0 $0
    14-17 Years $80 $75
    18 Years and over $100 $80
    • The fees quoted above relate to patients who utilise the services of West Otago Health on a casual basis and/or are registered with a medical practice elsewhere.
    • The fee payable relates to a standard 15 minute consultation during normal working hours, Monday to Friday inclusive.
    • If the duration of the consultation is greater than 15 minutes, an extended consultation fee will apply.

    Fee line

    Under 14 years
    14-17 years
    18-24 years
    25-44 years
    45-64 years
    65+ years