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    TOAH-NNEST is a national network of specialist organisations for sexual violence intervention and prevention.  Te Ōhaakii ā Hine-National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together.

    Region: All of New Zealand


    TOAH-NNEST represents a group of 40 specialist agencies providing rape and sexual abuse help including crisis response, recovery and support counselling, and treatment for people who have inflicted sexual harm on others. 

    TOAH-NNEST roles in working with our members/ūkaipōtanga, Government and other key stakeholders include:

    • National voice for the broad spectrum of specialist sexual violence service providers throughout the country, Māori and Tauiwi.
    • Assistance with building the capacity and capability of service providers e.g. striving for sustainable funding, providing and supporting opportunities for professional development, sharing information and research, supporting relationship building and collaboration.
    • Specialist advice and training opportunities to inform government policy, legislation, research, strategy and services regarding sexual violence.
    • Partnership and collaboration with the government and other key stakeholders on specific sexual violence initiatives.
    • Single access point for the government and other key stakeholders to consult and inform sexual violence service providers.
    • Assistance for the government to better meet its Te Tiriti o Waitangi obligations regarding sexual violence issues for Māori.

    How to Access:

    Organisations and individuals who qualify can become members of either of TOAH-NNEST’s two whare or houses, Ngā Kaitiaki Mauri or Tauiwi Caucus.

    See our Membership and Information Booklet or for more information visit our website.

    National Office (04) 385 9176


    Sexual harm - training, education, workforce development