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Te Hou Ora Whānau Services

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    Te Hou Ora Whānau Services is a community-based whānau driven Kaupapa Māori service provider. We provide services that will equip and empower young people and their whānau to fufill their potential in the context of their cultural heritage, their whānau, and their community.

    Te Hou Ora has been supporting young people, whānau and the community of Ōtepoti since 1976 when it was established under the banner of Youth for Christ. Since then, Te Hou Ora has diversified and transformed itself to meet the growing needs and trends in our community as well as become its own kaupapa Māori entity.

    We pride ourselves on having the ability to continuously meet the needs of our young people and whānau through our current programmes and services as well as innovative initiative.


    Youth Justice

    These programmes are designed to support young offenders to address behaviours and reduce their offending.

    These programmes are Oranga Tamariki referrals only.



    Young people can only be referred to these services by Oranga Tamariki after both parties (THOWS & OT) have agreed in consultation with the Police/Judge that the young person's needs can be met within either of the programmes. 

    Whānau Centered Services

    Strengths based support for young people and whānau to address barriers that are stagnating their ability to reach for their dreams and aspirations.  These programmes support the desire of parent(s) and caregiver(s) to provide safe, loving and nurturing homes for their tamariki.

    Kaupapa Māori

    All our programmes and services are delivered utilising tikanga Māori principles and kaupapa Māori models. 

    Whānau Ora

    All programmes and services incorporate whakapapa whānau and look at kaupapa whānau to ensure best outcomes are achieved.

    Family / whānau
    Youth Programmes

    Supervised after school programmes aimed at supporting the cultural identity of young people through structured activities and connectedness to their community.

    Te Ara Taiohi access is by Oranga Tamariki referral only.

    Mother and child / Māmā and pēpi
    Kaupapa Māori


    Our services are free to New Zealand citizens

    Age groups

    • Youth / Rangatahi
    • Adult / Pakeke