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Southern DHB REACH Community Rehabilitation Service - Southland

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    REACH Community Rehabilitation Service

    The REACH service is based at Southland Hospital and provides rehabilitation in home and community settings up to a 45 minute driving distance from Southland Hospital.  Our team includes Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, a Speech Language Therapist, Social Worker and Rehabilitation Assistant.

    Physiotherapists assess your movement and function.  They can provide advice and exercise programmes to improve movement, strength, and balance.  They can review what you need to assist with walking and provide equipment if needed. 

    Occupational Therapists assess your ability to function at home, work, and in the community.  They work with you to identify areas of daily living you find challenging and the equipment or strategies which might help.    

    Speech Language Therapists assess your speech, communication, and swallowing.  They can teach you exercises and strategies to improve your communication and swallowing.  

    Social Workers provide advice and support for you and your family, as well as advice about your rights as a patient.  They can refer you to other agencies as needed.

    We provide a goal centred focus to your rehabilitation.  We will encourage and support you to regain or maintain your maximum level of function and returning to roles and activities which are important to you. 

    These are some of the areas we may work with you on:

    • Mobility, Strength, Balance
    • Personal cares e.g. showering, dressing
    • Household Activities
    • Leisure Activities
    • Return to Work/Volunteer Work
    • Thinking and Memory
    • Communication and Swallowing 
    • Visual changes
    • Fatigue
    • Arm and Hand Therapy
    • Assessment to ensure you are maximising the variety of supports you are entitled to


    Your rehabilitation will include:

    Assessment: An assessment of your current skills and abilities and areas of difficulty. This may include assessing you completing everyday activities such as showering, daily household activities, work/voluntary activities and your mobility and strength.

    Goal Setting: The team will work with you to identify goals that you want to work on and develop an individualised rehabilitation programme.

    Activity and Treatment: Individually tailored therapy sessions to enable you to achieve your potential. This may also include education and support for you and your family and onward referrals when needed.

    Age groups

    • Adult / Pakeke
    • Older adult / Kaumātua