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Rural Support Trust

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    Are times a bit tough? 

    How about talking to someone who really understands the pressures of rural life?


    There are 14 Rural Support Trusts across the country. Each trust is run by local people who know the area, are familiar with agribusiness and are well networked and trained.

    Most Trusts have facilitators trained in mental wellness support.


    Mental Wellness Support

    On any given day, we know that working rurally can be a challenge. We are local people who know from experience that severe weather, finances, relationships and work pressures can all mount up and, if left unattended, can affect mental wellbeing. To take care of yourself, one of the best things you can do is talk. 

    Contact us anytime for a free, confidential chat. We can talk over the phone or come to you anytime, anywhere.

    Most Trusts have facilitators trained in mental wellness support. If more than a cup of tea and a yarn is needed, we can connect with the professionals who can provide further support, including farming or business advice, financial information, health, mental health and counselling services.

    GoodYarn Workshops

    Many Trusts also run Mental Wellbeing workshops for rural professionals and community members.

    GoodYarn is a hands-on workshop to give you the practical tools, confidence and understanding of mental illness and wellness, so you can talk to people in rural communities about mental health. It’s free to attend and focuses on rural issues especially for rural professionals, farmers and rural community members. Contact us for more information.


    Free service.