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PGF Services (Problem Gambling Foundation)

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    At PGF Services we are trained to help. Our qualified counsellors provide free, professional and confidential gambling counselling services for both gamblers and others affected by gambling.



    PGF Services provide counselling and support services to anyone affected by harmful gambling. The service is free, professional and confidential.



    Freephone - 0800 664 262, Text 5819, Live chat,

    Free, professional and confidential help and support by phone, live chat, text or email.

    If you are concerned about your own gambling or someone else’s gambling, we can help. A duty counsellor is available Monday to Friday 8.30am until 5.00pm.

    People can, and do, stop gambling. A supportive and professional counsellor can encourage and motivate you to take all the steps required to regain self control and direction in your life.

    Gambling Support Group

    PGF Services offers support groups in some locations. 

    These support groups are for people who would like to work towards and maintain being 'gamble free'. Significant others are also welcome. The meetings have a semi-structured group format. The facilitators lead the group in a learning activity and support the group to remain focussed and supportive of one another.

    A testimonial from one of the attendees at the support group…
    "The PGF Auckland Support and Maintenance Group has been instrumental in keeping me gamble free. It is the sharing, vigorous discussions and exercises that I have found to be most helpful in fostering and maintaining my strength and determination to abstain. The group is run by a small dedicated and compassionate team of counsellors who facilitate each meeting providing a fertile ground for learning and growing by all participants be they in a time of need or in a period of abstinence wishing to further strengthen their resolve and pass on their experiences.

    May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and guidance over the years".


    At PGF Services our face-to-face counselling is free, professional and confidential. Counselling is available throughout New Zealand for individuals, couples, families and groups so you can get the help and support you need and it won’t cost you anything.  We also offer counselling by telephone for people in remote areas or who are housebound.

    Multi Venue Exclusion

    Our organisation can act on behalf of a gambler to request that a gambling provider prevents that person from entering their venue.


    Our counselling services are free, professional and confidential. We are funded by the Ministry of Health through the gambling levy, to work with all people who are affected by gambling.

    This includes friends, family, work colleagues, employers, and anyone affected by someone else's gambling.

    Our public health service offers free presentations and workshops for community and professional groups.

    Donations are welcome. We are a registered charity.