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    Leaders in peer-made resources for people with mental distress and their supporters. PeerZone comes under the umbrella services of Mind and Body

    Leverage the Power of Lived Experience

    People who work at PeerZone use their lived experience of mental distress or addiction to inform their work and change the world.

    Lived expertise

    There are two types of expertise in this world. One type comes from theories and observation that leads to methods for solving other people’s problems. The other type comes from lived experience and reflection that leads to methods to solve our own problems.

    Using our expertise to benefit others

    PeerZone combines these two types of expertise. We used our lived experience to lead our own recoveries; now we’re adding the evidence from stories, formal research and evaluation to create programs and consultancy for the benefit of others.

    People all around the globe are calling on PeerZone’s products and consultancy. Have a chat with us.


    General Manager - Sara McCook Weir

    Piki Project Lead - Lia Apperley


    Peer Led Workshops

    PeerZone Workshops are a series of up to 20 three-hour peer-led workshops for people who experience mental distress and addiction. The workshops provide a fun, interactive and safe structure for participants to share their experiences, learn self-management and expand their horizons.

    We have a vast store of resources and activities across the 20 workshops:

    • 654 publicly available resources.
    • 218 workshop activities.
    • 47 workshop handouts.

    PeerZone Consulting

    Consultancy, training and mentoring informed by lived experience and professional expertise for mental health, general health and disability services.

    For more information see the PeerZone website.

    PeerZone Toolkit

    PeerZone Toolkit is an online and paper-based collaborative recovery toolkit for people with mental distress and addiction and the people who support them. It consists of fifty-two topic challenges. Each challenge comprises a "What Works" on the topic, a supporter's guide, an activity sheet and a recovery story. Each toolkit challenge can be complemented by a workshop run by peer facilitators.

    Visit the website