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MEDSAC (Medical Sexual Assault Clinicians Aotearoa)

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    Training and accreditation for healthcare professionals engaged in sexual assault medicine.

    Region: All of New Zealand


    MEDSAC trains medical professionals throughout New Zealand including doctors, nurses, paediatricians, obstetricians and gynaecologists, to become primary providers of forensic and medical care to the specialist services that provide medical examinations following sexual abuse (Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Service - SAATS). 

    Services we provide include:

    • Training courses - to specially train clinicians in the medical forensic response to sexual assault.  To access courses click here.
    • Mentoring Programmes - to support progress for the clinician towards accreditation by being paired with a MEDSAC-accredited doctor.  To access programmes click here.
    • Accreditation - to promote expertise and competency within a service. To access this click here.
    • Non-fatal strangulation/suffocation education programme. For further information click here.

    Phone us on (09) 376 1422

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    Sexual harm - training, education, workforce development