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Maternity Services Consumer Council

On this page

    The Maternity Services Consumer Council (MSCC) is a consumer-based organisation made up of community groups with an interest in the provision of maternity services. Our organisation acknowledges and respects the unique and independent nature of all its member groups.

    Membership of the MSCC is free and is open to community groups with an interest in maternity services.

    What We Offer

    The Maternity Services Consumer Council provides:

    • Consumer representatives for health committees and working parties at both a local and national level
    • A quarterly newsletter is available for all that subscribe
    • MSCC published its first resource "Choices for Childbirth in 1994, it is available in print in English, Te Reo, Samoan, Tongan, Farsi, Burmese, Japanese, Korean, Somali and Spanish and as a pdf download in Arabic, French and Traditional Chinese.   A further 4 resources complete the "Your Choice" series, being; Screening During Pregnancy, Labour and Birth, After the Birth, and Your Right to Informed Choice During Pregnancy, Labour and After the Birth.  These resources are availalbe free of charge (excl P@P charges) 
    • MSCC publishes 7 resources in its "The Facts" series being, Epidurals During Labour, Ceasarean Section, Induction of Labour, Gestational Diabetes, Choosing where to Labour and Birth, Birthing the Placenta, Labour and Birth in Water.  These resources are sold at a small charge plus P@P charges
    • A full set of our resources is available to all individuals for just $3.50 (P@P charges)
    • An active engaging Facebook page encouraging community discussion
    • We are available for individuals and community groups in regards to their personal concerns, needing advice, need for information and raising awareness for issues concerning maternity
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    Pregnancy and parenting