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Male Survivors Otago

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    Male Survivors Otago provide support services for men who have suffered sexual, physical, pyschological and emotional abuse. 

    Age:   16 + Males

    Region:    OTAGO 

                 We have community hubs in:  Dunedin,  North Otago,  Central Otago 


                  Support for  males  survivors  of  Sexual, Emotional  and Physical  Abuse & Trauma

    Individual support, to talk through issues and emotions experienced following abuse and trauma, is offered in a safe and confidential manner. 

                                                 If you are in a crisis your call will be answered 24/7   

     Peer  Support - The opportunity to be supported by another survivor of abuse. One-on-One support through Face-to-Face, Phone, Txt, or Zoom.

    Group  Support - An opportunity to meet other men who have experienced similar sexual abuse and trauma.  Validation from other men is very empowering and healing works well with others. 

    We  Also  Offer:


             Advocacy with other agencies  

            Advocacy with PHOs, ACC, Police, MSD, Royal Enquiry into abuse, MSD     

            *  Support & information to friends & whanau.

            *  Prison inmate (OCF) and Probation support.

                                                             ALL   SERVICES   ARE   FREE

    How to Access: 

    EnquiriesCall Michael Chamberlain on  021 2074726   or   03 425 8018   or   0800 67 66 56

    Sexual harm victims/survivors - Do you need help and support?
    Abuse and violence support

    We are committed to helping men who have suffered sexual, physical or emotional abuse to discover and sustain their own recovery pathway.  We work alongside men, sharing our knowledge and experiences, and moving towards a better future together.

    Age groups

    • Youth / Rangatahi
    • Adult / Pakeke
    • Older adult / Kaumātua