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Gore Medical Centre

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    Our experienced team of doctors, nurses and administrative staff is committed to providing the best primary health care we can, to you and your entire family. Our doctors take a whole-life approach to caring for you and your family. We look at how factors in your life affect your health and wellbeing and care for people of all ages including newborns, children, adolescents and seniors. At the Gore Medical Centre we have an “Acute Doctor” which means if you have an urgent medical issue you will be seen on the day.


    Our team is made up of GPs (see details below under “General Practitioners”) and:


    Petria Falconer - Practice Manager 

    Julie van Lieshout - Financial Manager

    Nursing Staff:

    Deborah Aynsley-Hunt, Kerry Harrington, Keri McClelland, Kath Simmers, Shona Davie, Sandi Holden, Hannah Mackay, Kaila Dinan, Trudie Pope, Zara Mills

    Receptionist Team:

    Glenys Edwards, Margaret Macgregor, Julie McGill-Brown, Haley Horrell, Sam Srimanthula, Cristelle Blackler, Eleanor Ashton, Kimberly Simpson , Katie Smith

    COVID-19 Vaccination

    • Anyone currently eligible can access
    • Make an appointment

    We are running our vaccination clinics inhouse here, 5 days a week.

    To book your appointment online please use the link below or call 0800 28 29 26

    Book Vaccine

    At your appointment time please ensure your are wearing a Mask, bring your Covid Vaccination Record card (for second doses) and scan the COVID QR codes at the front door.

    The majority of routine vaccinations can now be administered before, after, or at the same time as your COVID-19 vaccinations. The exception to this is the Zostavax (shingles) vaccine where a 7-day gap before or after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 is advised. If you have any questions, please discuss with your health provider.


    • Dr Jochen Clemens

      Dr Jochen Clemens

      General Practitioner - Vocationally Registered
    • Dr Glenys Weir

      Dr Glenys Weir

      General Practitioner - Vocationally Registered
    • Dr Debra Wilson

      Dr Debra Wilson

      General Practitioner - Vocationally Registered
    • Dr Andrew Ure

      General Practitioner - Vocationally Registered
    • Dr Freya Clemens

      General Practitioner
    • Dr Rachel Trevathan

      General Practitioner - Vocationally Registered
    • Dr Jeremy Maarschalk

      General Practitioner
    • Dr Larissa Thomas

      General Practitioner
    • Dr Rebecca Stewart

      Dr Rebecca Stewart

      General Practitioner - Vocationally Registered
    Special Assistance Support (COVID-19 Vaccination)
    Adult and Child Medical Care

    Your GP's surgery is far more than a place to go when you are feeling unwell and needing a quick cure. The doctor who sees you has gone through an extensive medical training to equip her or him to help children and adults of all ages with a range of physical and emotional difficulties. GPs are at the centre of the healthcare hub and will be aware of services and expertise that are available locally and further-a-field. GPs are also aware of the link that stress and unhappy life events have on physical health so know when to suggest a talking therapy rather than medication.

    Minor Accident Care

    Primary care practices offer a range of services and are able to deal with most minor accident care. If they are not able to deal with an injury they will refer on to the appropriate service.

    Minor Surgery

    Minor surgery is commonly provided in primary care practices, providing fast, competent removal and biopsies of skin lesions. Other services include cosmetic work such as removal of benign moles and skin tags. Ingrown toenail surgery is also commonly provided. 
    These conditions do not need to be referred to a hospital, perhaps saving you a long wait or a cancelled appointment when a more serious case takes priority. 
    If your doctor is unable to provide the procedure you need, he/she may know a neighbouring GP who does. Otherwise, the PHO will have a list of GPs trained in particular operations.

    Cervical Screening

    All women who have ever been sexually active should have regular cervical smear tests every three years between the ages of 25 and 69. This includes women who have been immunised against HPV. This test detects abnormal cells which, if left untreated, could become cervical cancer. Very often these cells are made abnormal by a human papillomavirus (HPV) which is a sexually transmitted virus. Regular tests and treatment reduces the likelihood of this sort of cancer by around 90%. 

    For more information about cervical smear tests click on the link to the National Screening Unit website

    Patient Portal

    A patient portal is a secure online tool provided by GP practices that can allow convenient access to your health information as well as interaction with the practice e.g. booking appointments and requesting repeat prescriptions.

    Immigration Medicals

    Applicants for New Zealand visas may be required to provide medical and chest x-ray certificates to demonstrate an acceptable standard of health. Immigration New Zealand uses eMedical, an online platform for processing immigration health examinations. The examining doctor records the applicant’s health examination results in eMedical then electronically submits them to Immigration New Zealand where they are associated with the applicant’s visa application once it is submitted. Only doctors who have been approved by Immigration NZ are able to conduct the medical examinations. The immigration officer who assesses the applicant’s visa application will determine whether they have an acceptable standard of health. Visa applicants requiring an immigration medical examination must make an appointment with an eMedical enabled clinic on Immigration New Zealand’s approved list.

    Covid-19 testing

    This practice provides COVID-19 testing to enrolled patients. Please call the practice for more information.


    Information on Community Testing Centres in Southland:

    People in Otago or Southland seeking a COVID-19 test should call 0800 VIRUS 19 (0800 847 8719). If you are offered a test for COVID-19, please take it. It will help ensure we don't have community transmission, and help keep your friends and whānau safe. Recieving a COVID-19 test at a Community Centre is free of charge. 

    0800 VIRUS 19 Call centre

    9.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday

    9.00am to 12.00pm, Weekends 

    This clinic provides pre-departure testing for people who are travelling. Please call to book an appointment.

    Fee comment

      With Community Services Card  Without Community Services Card
     0-13 Years  $47.00 $47.00
     14-17 Years  $62.00  $68.00
     18 Years & Over  $68.50  $84.00
     Repeat Prescriptions* (48 hrs notice) $22.50
     Urgent Prescriptions (on the day) $28.50
    Prescriptions 0-13yrs No Charge
    ACC Surcharge $25
    Nurses Fee
      Enrolled C.S.C / non C.S.C Casual/Visitor
    0-13 Years No Charge        $13.50
    14 - 17 Years $13.00 / $16.00 $22
    Adult $19.50 / $29.00 $36.50
       Enrolled Casual/Visitor 
     Smear Test $34.00 $40
    ECG $27.50  
    Driving Med $84.00  

    *Repeat prescriptions need to be ordered well in advance. Please allow at least 48 hours for it to be ready, longer over weekends and public holidays. If you require an urgent repeat prescription (on the day), there is an extra surcharge for this.

    Childhood schedule immunisation – no charge.

    Medical certificates (e.g. Driving, Diving) are not part of the PHO funding and incur full non PHO fee.

    Minor surgery fees – please discuss with your doctor.

    Home visits by arrangement only.

    Other extra examinations may incur an extra fee. Please ask at reception.

    Payment of fees is expected at the time of your consultation.

    Fees may change independently of this website.

    Fee line

    Under 14 years
    14-17 years
    18-24 years
    25-44 years
    45-64 years
    65+ years