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Elder Abuse Helpline

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    This year as many as one in ten older people in New Zealand will experience some kind of elder abuse. The majority of cases will go unreported.

    Elder Abuse helpline connects registered nurses who can advise with information and support about elder abuse.

    Types of elder abuse:

    Psychological Abuse - ridicule or threats, harassment or humiliation, preventing choice or decision-making, withholding affection.

    Financial Abuse - unauthorised taking of money or possessions, misuse of power of attorney, failure to repay loans, use of home and/or utilities without contributing to costs, scams that rely on establishing a relationship with the older person with the intention of exploiting their savings and/or assets, e.g. romance scams.

    Physical Abuse - hitting, pushing, rough handling, over-medication, inappropriate use of restraints or confinement.

    Neglect - inadequate food, clothing or shelter, lack of social contact or support, health needs not attended to.

    Sexual Abuse - inappropriate touching, sexual acts with someone unable to give consent.

    Institutional Abuse - lack of respect for a person’s culture or customs, inappropriate rationing of continence products, inflexible routines e.g. breakfast at 8 am in the dining room.

    Available free 24/7 by calling 0800 EA NOT OK (0800 32 668 65), text 5032  or email


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    Elder abuse


    No fees apply.

    Age groups

    • Older adult / Kaumātua