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Cannabis Clinic

On this page

    Welcome to the Cannabis Clinic. We want to empower all New Zealanders to achieve better health and wellness with medicinal cannabis.

    We walk every step of the journey with you from consulting, providing you with suitable products, following up, keeping in regular contact, and sharing stories.

    Founded in 2018, we have consulted with thousands of Kiwis across the country – from children to palliative care patients. Conditions seen include: 

     - Pain Symptoms

     - Mental Health

     - Sleep Disorders

     - Inflammatory & Gastrointestinal Conditions

     - Neurological Conditions

     - Cancer & Treatment Side Effects

    Our team consists of friendly and experienced doctors, nurses, and administration staff to ensure you get the best care possible at the most affordable price.

    How it works

    1. Book an appointment online.

    2. Consult with our medical specialists in person, via Zoom or a phone call.

    3. Access to The Dispensary to order your prescribed product and regular follow ups to monitor your progress. 

    Our dispensary has a range of CBD and THC products available. To find out more, please register with us on the page.


    Am I eligible for medicinal cannabis or CBD oil? 

    Yes, any person in NZ is eligible to be considered for medicinal cannabis. If you are wondering if this is you, please talk to us and we would be more than happy to assist. 






    • Dr Waseem Alzaher

      Dr Waseem Alzaher

      General Practitioner
    • Dr Anna Harvey

      Dr Anna Harvey

      General Practitioner - Vocationally Registered
    • Dr Anne Craig

      Dr Anne Craig

    • Dr Ali Coleman

      Dr Ali Coleman

      Psychiatry Registrar
    • Dr Daniela Reyes

      Dr Daniela Reyes

      General Practitioner
    • Dr Mike Foster

      Dr Mike Foster

      General Practitioner
    • Dr Monica Macrae

      Dr Monica Macrae

      Psychiatry Registrar

    Fee comment

    Consultations start at $79 and follow ups start at $35.

    After your consultation, you will have lifelong access to The Dispensary. Unlike your GP, we do not charge for repeat prescriptions – you will only ever need to pay product costs.

    Find out more about pricing and finance here