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Arai Te Uru Whare Hauora

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    We support whānau wishing to build up resilience and capacity for self-determination to access inclusive and culturally relevant health, social and education services.

    Whānau can choose from services that provide a range of supports and interventions and, where necessary, will be supported into other services within our community.


    Whānau Ora

    Whānau Ora Navigation

    The key focus of this service is to build whānau capacity. It is a whānau led process which the navigator facilitates and works towards engaging the whole family. The strengths and aspirations of the whānau are identified and plans made to achieve these aspirations. Alongside our kaimahi, whānau can make positive lifestyle changes, strengthen whānau relationships and improve their overall wellbeing.

    Mokopuna Ora

    Mokopuna Ora enables strategies for tamariki and their whānau to build capability and long term wellbeing to ensure the child’s safety and stability within the home. The aim of the service is for the children to have access to essential resources, services and to provide education around parenting.

    Tu Pono Connect

    We work alongside whānau to provide brief intervention and ensure they receive appropriate support and information along with the targeted follow-up they require. Follow up may include meeting with: Specialist Practitioners, Counsellors, medical practitioners and/or other useful services. Kaimahi aim to provide whānau with the tools and strategies to support effective whānau-led and inspired action.

    Health Services

    Tamariki Ora / Well Child

    This whānau/family service is built around the seven free health checks from birth to 3 years in your Tamariki Ora/Well Child Health Book. The Tamariki Ora/Well Child service offers health screening and promotion, education and support while working in partnership with the whānau. This service also offers additional visits if the whānau require.

    Māori & Pacific Cancer Pathways Kaiārahi

    This service is available for Māori and Pacific in Otago at risk or with cancer and their whānau. Our kaimahi can advocate and provide a support network for whānau, helping them with accurate information about their condition, treatment options and when to begin treatment. Referrals can be made by health providers, GPs, the hospital, or friends and whānau.


    Mauri Ora – Community Health Services

    The free community gym offers one on one sessions with our kaimahi, group fitness, health checks and can connect whānau with our Health Coach and Community Support Worker. Our kaimahi assist whānau to achieve goals that contribute to living happier, healthier lifestyles.


    Manaaki Ora Nursing Service

    The mobile nursing service is for people aged 18+ focusing on diabetes, respiratory and cardiac conditions. A Registered Nurse is tailored one on one to your needs and will work in partnership with you to develop a plan of care. The aim of the service is to provide support and education about your condition to help you set goals, manage your illness, and access services which you are eligible for.


    Access and Choice - Health Coach/Community Support Worker

    Our Health Coach and Community Support kaimahi work together to support those with mental health, addiction, and other wellbeing challenges. The aim of these services is to help whānau build on their own skills, knowledge, and confidence to better manage their mental/physical health and wellbeing. Kaimahi work to provide whānau with the tools to achieve positive health outcomes and lifestyle changes. Please check with staff about eligibility criteria.




    Social Services

    Tu Mai Rangatahi Suicide Prevention

    This service is to support rangatahi aged mostly between 15-24 years old and those who have either self-harmed, had suicidal ideation or have attempted suicide. Our kaiarahi will advocate, liaise, and connect whānau with existing resources within the community. These include mental health agencies, counselling agencies, employment, education, community, and cultural supports.

    Family Centered Services: Family Harm

    This service works to empower whānau with the means to get things back on track. Our kaimahi work with you and your whānau to develop a safety plan and work within the decisions made by the whānau. Through advocacy and by connecting with other support agencies, our service provides wraparound support to address family harm. Our kaimahi work with whānau who have children in their care.

    The key focus of this service is to build whānau capacity.  It is a whānau led process which the navigator facilitates and works to engage the whole whānau. The strengths of the whānau are identified and ultimately so are their aspirations.


    Migration Services

    Our support kaimahi work towards achieving Ministry of Social Development outcomes. This includes providing integration pathways to help those settling in the Queenstown Lakes District. We aim to follow E Tu Whānau values of taking responsibility and action within the local community and supporting whanau to thrive in a new environment. We can advocate, offer advice/information and support whānau to connect in with other relevant services if necessary.

    Middle Eastern Integration

    This service works with Arabic/Farsi speaking families from the Middle East who are settling in Dunedin. The service aims at facilitating and coordinating social services and relationships enabling families to adapt to New Zealand life and become active citizens involved in their local communities.

    Education Services

    Arai Te Uru Whare Hauora

    All services provide a whanau led education and support with lifestyle changes to enable wellbeing.   


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