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Southlanders invited to free public lecture by mental health experts

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Mental Wellbeing: Wisdomtherapy, Hypnotherapy and Loneliness

Southlanders are invited to attend another free public lecture, this time on mental wellbeing – a health issue that is affecting many people in the Southern community.

The lecture is the nineth lecture in a series inaugurated and organised by Southland Surgeon and Clinical Associate Professor Konrad Richter. These lectures are presented at the New Hospital Campus Education and Research Centre for the Southland and Invercargill public and given by Southland medical professionals, with guests from the University of Otago.

The aim is to provide Southlanders with access to the latest information from doctors and medical staff, by discussing health topics in a sophisticated and entertaining but understandable way.  Furthermore, those lectures allow the Southland Hospital medical staff to better listen to the public, address their concerns and improve communication and care.

The public lecture on Mental Wellbeing – staying sane in the time of COVID will be held at the new Education and Research Centre at Southland Hospital on Thursday 27  May at 6.30pm. Doors are open at 6.00pm.

Dr Richter said the topic of mental wellbeing was a timely one as “the world has become a crazy place, not just because of the pandemic”.

“There are shifts in the way people perceive the world and themselves in it; though, everything begins in our imagination, perception and belief system. Learning to think somewhat realistically might help to keep and improve our mental and physical health, strategies include mindfulness thinking, living in the moment, wisdom therapy, and hypnotherapy.

 “Experienced clinicians from the Southland Hospital Campus and the Otago Medical School will discuss exciting new strategies with the audience that aim to keep your emotional life as balanced as possible,” he said.  

  • This series of short talks on Mental Wellbeing will begin with Consultant Clinical Psychologist Henck van Bilsen from Southland Hospital discussing Wisdomtherapy – new guidance for difficult times.
  • Dr Agata Moody, Psychiatrist and Hypnotherapist at Southland Hospital will discuss Cognitive Hypnotherapy.
  • Finally, Associate Professor Yoram Barack, Psycho-Geriatrician from the University of Otago, will give New Insights into Loneliness.

The lecture will be chaired by Associate Professor Konrad Richter, Department of Surgery Southland.

Dr Richter strongly encourages Southlanders to attend this lecture and hear first-hand from experts about mental wellbeing. 

While all these lectures are free, people are encouraged to RSVP to , as the popularity of the lectures often exceeds the venue’s seating capacity.

Previous free Southland Campus Public Lectures covered colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, vaccination, modern hip replacement, assisted dying and euthanasia, and how to keep a healthy heart.

Further free lectures are planned for the Southland community in future. Topics will include our current NZ health system, obesity, prevention and early detection, prophylaxis and a patient’s journey through the hospital. Dr Richter also wants to invite the younger generation and high school students to join a lecture on exciting professions in the health sector.