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Dunedin Hospital now at Code Yellow

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Update at 6pm on 24 March 2021

Dunedin Hospital Code Black has reduced to Code Yellow under the Hospital Escalation Plan.

“This has happened due to the tremendous effort and hard work of our staff who have worked relentlessly today to help get our patients through the hospital system,’ says Emergency Operations Centre Incident Controller, Megan Boivin.

“We still have a busy ED but we have sufficient capacity in the wards to receive patients.

“Our initial observations are that we probably didn’t manage to achieve the discharges we forecast over the weekend.”

Patient Flow is a key organisational priority and the hospital capacity over the past few days will be reviewed to see what happened and what may need to be done differently in planning for the future.

Note: There are four levels of escalation:

  • Green (normal pressure)
  • Yellow (early overload)
  • Orange  (overload)
  • Red (extreme overload)
  • Black (Critical situation)