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Tips for stopping smoking


Support from friends

Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Support is available from your doctor, stop smoking coach, Quitline.  Tell your family and friends your are giving stopping a go and ask for their support and encouragment.





Clean up!

Rubbish bin

Throw away your cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays in both your home and your car.  If anyone living with you smokes, see if they will join you on your stopping journey. If not, ask them to smoke outside and not in your car.



Find a distraction


Distract yourself.  Should a craving hit know that is will not last long, so if you can do something to keep yourself busy you will be less likely to reach for a cigarette.  Maybe listen to some music, play cards or even pick up those knitting needles.




Change your routines & habits 

Change routines

It is really good to change those things often associated with smoking.  How about instead of that morning coffee switch it to a nice cup of tea. 






Clean you home, car & clothing

Wash all your 'smoky' clothes and linen and give your home and car a good clean.  A great way to distract yourself should a craving hit, plus this is your fresh start so it's great if you can get rid of anything that smells like cigs.





Reward yourself

Reward yourself or your family with a treat from some of the money you have saved.  




List your reasons for stopping

Reasons why stopping smoking

Write a list of all the reasons you want to stop smoking and keep it handy (eg in your wallet).  Look at it when a craving hits and remind yourself of why you are doing this.