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Imagine you were this website user


In creating the new Southern Health website, we are passionate about actually helping people find the information they are looking for. So we have been writing ourselves stories! Based on what we know about many of the people who use the Southern health system, we have produced a series of stories - or user scenarios. These imagine different people within our community who would be visiting the website for a reason. We are then challenging ourselves to design something that makes their experience a success (that is, they found what they were looking for), and also builds their understanding of their own health and the health system.

There are about 320,000 people in the Southern district, and they all have their own stories, so we can't possibly hope to tell them all! But by keeping realistic people and situations at the centre of our thinking, we hope to create an experience that meets the needs of people from throughout our community.

Find out more about our user scenarios here - do they remind you of anyone you know?

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