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Getting ready to actually build the website


We knew this would be a big job, and it is!  The idea of creating a whole-of-health system website for the Southern district was never a task for the faint-hearted. But we are getting there!

Right now our main focus is getting the content written.  We have invited all of our health care partners to be part of the website – this means pages for hundreds of individual organisations, as well as WellSouth and the DHB’s own services. So far, 80% of general practices, and 92% of pharmacies have completed their profiles, which is a great result.

We have also been progressing the design of the Southern Health logo. The Alliance Leadership Team, Community Health Council and Iwi Governance Committee have contributed their thoughts around its look and feel based on the brand brief. This logo will then become available for our health care partners for use on their materials, alongside their own branding, to show that they all belong to the wider southern health system, working together to take care of our people.

The logo also informs the look and feel of the website page design, which we want to be friendly, professional, and easy to use. We are currently finalising design styles with the input of our Community Health Council and others.

These designs also build on the navigation structure that was developed through user scenarios, the content our stakeholders told us they wanted to find, and feedback from the Community Health Council.

Once the page designs are confirmed, we will build the site, fill it up with content, and then undertake user testing. We look forward to sharing it with you!

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