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Presenting at the public forum

The Commissioner holds a public forum prior to the start of ordinary public advisory committee meetingsto give members of the community an opportunity to come along and speak to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners on any subject within their jurisdiction. The forum is an opportunity for members of the public to raise health issues with the Commissioner’s Team and to put forward ideas.

Public Forum Guidelines

Note:   Residents/health consumers who wish to bring personal matters to the attention of the DHB or register a complaint should contact Patient Affairs:  phone 03 470 9534, email: 

Registration of Interest to Speak at the Public Forum

To allow sessions to be scheduled, we ask that members of the public register their interest to speak at a public forum by completing the form below and sending it to the Board Secretary, email or post to Private Bag 1921, Dunedin 9054, at least five working days prior to the public forum.

Time Limit of Public Forum

The public forum will run for 30 minutes in total. Each speaker will be allocated a maximum of ten minutes but the Commissioner may extend at her discretion the period any person is allowed to speak.

Speakers may send written material to the Board Secretary for circulation prior to the public forum. If a speaker is speaking to a written submission that has been circulated to the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioners, that submission may be taken as read. In order to make the best use of the available time, the speaker should use the opportunity to emphasise or highlight any salient points, rather than reading the submission.

Procedure at Public Forum

The order of speakers will be decided by the Commissioner. The Commissioner, may at her discretion, refuse or terminate a presentation, on any reasonable grounds, including but not limited to:

  • Insufficient time to hear all speakers;

  • The issues raised would be more suitably dealt with by another means;

  • The subject is not within the scope of the role or functions of the Commissioner;

  • The subject matter is offensive, repetitious or vexatious, or is considered likely to be so;

  • The subject matter is part of an ongoing issue that is being dealt with appropriately by staff;

  • The disorderly or inappropriate behaviour of the speaker.

*Dates and locations of the public advisory committee meetings are listed here.


Deputations may also be received by the Commissioner, provided an application for admission setting out the subject has been lodged with the Chief Executive Officer at least 10 clear days before the date of the meeting concerned and has been subsequently approved by the Commissioner.  The procedures for deputations are set out in Standing Orders, section (i).  For further information, please contact the Board Secretary.