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Southern DHB Staff

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This page is for Southern DHB staff members only. Using this information and any information linked to, means you have read and accepted the Southern DHB email and internet policy terms and conditions.

The M365 portal (includes access to your Email and Teams)

To access the Microsoft 365 portal, including your Emails, Teams, web versions of Office apps like Word and Excel, and any documents you have saved anywhere in the M365 cloud you can navigate to 

Sign in with your SDHB email and your network password. (e.g. There is a short training video below.

You will need to have the Microsoft Authenticator app set up on a smart phone/mobile device to use dual factor authentication when accessing any M365 tool remotely. Please use the document below for instructions to follow to get yourself set up with Microsoft Authenticator. Please note, before you can use the Authenticator for remote access, you need to get it set up when you are on an internal device.

External access to the Network

This includes accessing Employee Connect, Health Connect South, any other applications from inside the DHB, and also data from your H drive.

The link you will use once set up is
(This link works from anywhere outside of the DHB domain.)

But first, you need to get set up!

To get set up:

Our Remote Access system uses a two step (2 factor authentication) method for increased security. This involves a little bit of initial setup, but once in place it is a much faster, more secure, and pleasant way of accessing the network remotely.

To gain this access, you will need to send an email to so the back end work can be done, and the information about getting it set up can be sent to you.

So again, the site you will use once set up is, but if you have not been set up with the 2 factor authentication you will need to contact Service Desk.

Holidays Act compliance – information for Southern DHB staff and former staff

Southern DHB has started the work necessary to recalculate employees and former employees leave payments and entitlements according to the Holidays Act 2003.

What you need to know:

What is the Holidays Act?

The Holidays Act 2003 is the fundamental piece of legislation outlining leave entitlements for employees. It applies to Southern DHB and all our employees. The Act sets out the minimum entitlements to holidays and leave for full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary and casual workers provided they are engaged under employment agreements.

Why has there been non- compliance?

In recent years it has become apparent that there is a high level of non-compliance with the Act. While the Act is generally effective for a standard, five day, 40 hour week, the Act can be difficult to apply to more diverse working arrangements and complex remuneration packages. This has resulted in widespread non-compliance – essentially employers may be unintentionally underpaying or overpaying employees. These issues are particularly evident for us as we have employees working a range of shifts, with variable days and hours, and flexible work patterns.

What payroll issues are we addressing?

The issues relate to entitlements under the Holidays Act 2003, primarily to the entitlement and payment of: • annual leave • bereavement leave • alternative leave • statutory leave • sick leave.

What is happening to rectify this?

More than 100,000 health workers will have their holiday pay calculations reviewed starting from 1 May 2010 with an undertaking that any shortfall will be refunded.

District Health Boards (DHBs), the New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS), the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU) health unions, and the Labour Inspectorate have worked together to develop an agreed national audit process.

How many Southern DHB staff might be affected?

We are reviewing the payroll records for every employee and ex-employee commencing with the pay period beginning 1 May 2010. At this stage is it unclear exactly how many employees may be impacted, however, it is likely to be a large number.

How will this process work?

Each DHB is carrying out a review and rectification process of their end-to-end payroll system and a subsequent remediation process. The agreed solution between all DHBs and unions is to review and then rectify any shortfall in payment to any current and former employees for pay periods beginning 1 May 2010. The rectification process is undertaken to correct the processes and ensure that all future payments are calculated and paid correctly.

How will the process progress?

District Health Boards (DHBs), the New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS), the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU) health unions, and the Labour Inspectorate have collectively signed a Memorandum of Understanding which sets out the ‘Framework for Local DHB Holidays Act Review’. The Unions are represented on the Southern DHB Steering Group and Compliance Team  which are the two groups set up to oversee the process.


There are 3 key phases.

  1. Review

This phase is underway and should be completed by the end of October 2020 (a month later than originally planned). We have external auditors testing our payroll system against the Baseline Interpretation agreed by the DHBs and Unions to identify breaches and estimating the liability.

  1. Rectification & Recalculation

This involves resolving any identified issues of non-compliance with our Holidays Act 2003 entitlements and applying processes to ensure future entitlements are compliant.  During this phase we will identify all current and former employees who are affected by non-compliance. We estimate this may take approximately a year.

  1. Remediation

This involves calculating and paying any amounts owing to current and former employees. There will be a national process for former DHB employees (e.g. those who worked for Southern DHB at any time since 1 May 2010) to register. The amounts due to existing employees can be processed through our usual processes. We estimate this process will take about three months to complete.

Timeline (Note: These are approximate times only.)
Review End of October 2020
Rectification & Recalculation End of September 2021
Remediation .End of December 2021
What about former Southern DHB employees?

Past employees of all DHBs will be able to register their contact details on a national website specifically set up to enable former employees to provide up-to-date contact information in a central database.

We will be able to contact past employees through the contact information they provide on the national website. A link to this website will be available here soon.

Note: The payroll review commences from the pay period 1 May 2010 for payments made to all employees (past and present).

Current Southern DHB employees should not register on the national registration website.

When will I know if I have money owed to me?

We will be in touch with all past and present employees during the remediation phase. This is likely to be towards the end of 2021. We will contact our present employees first and then past employees.

What if I’ve been overpaid holiday entitlement?

We won’t be asking for any repayments. We want to determine where we have been making overpayments and ensure those are corrected and do not continue into the future.

How do I know what is happening?

We will update information on our intranet and also on the Southern Health website and the national website as we move through the three phases of the process.

Will there be any tax or other implications?

To the extent there are underpayments, the payments to you will be taxed in accordance with the Income Tax Act based on your tax code. Therefore, it is possible your total earnings may be higher which may increase your overall tax rate and have implications for family support allowances, student loans, tax payments, superannuation etc.

What happens if I’m owed money?

As a current employee, if we identify that you have been underpaid, we will share with you a statement that shows the calculations once we have completed the review assessment. We have your bank account details in our payroll system and the payments are likely to be processed through our payroll system.

Why does the process take so long?

This is a complex process involving policy, practice and system configuration factors. It’s absolutely vital that we get it right and complete it thoroughly takes time. In addition, we are part of the national process which is intended to achieve consistency across DHBs.

Do I need to do anything now?

No – you don’t need to do anything at present.

We’ll keep you updated as we progress through review, rectification and remediation alongside the Unions, our auditors and the Labour Inspectorate.

What do I do if I have any additional questions?

Please email our Compliance Team:

Unions can be also contacted as follows:
Union Representative Email Phone
Apex/RDA Tony Hill 022 032 0362
ASMS Kris Smith  
SToNZ Kate Clapperton-Rees  
AWUNZ Calvin Fisher  
E tū Anna Huffstutler  
  Stevan Briggs  
MERAS Jill Ovens 021 598 530
NZNO Karyn Chalk  
PSA Julie Morton