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Hospital services

Our hospitals services



Safety measures remain at our hospitals to limit the possible spread of COVID-19 between patients as much as possible. 

Dunedin Hospital

Dunedin Hospital is a Te Whatu Ora Southern hospital, providing specialist care for our community across the district.

See the specialist services available here below and find out more about accessing these services here.

You can also find important information and frequently-asked questions here.

All visitors must wear masks and practice good hand hygiene. Please do not visit your loved ones in Hospital if you are currently unwell. Please contact Dunedin Public Hospital (03 474 0999) if you have any questions.

We encourage our community to remain vigilant when out and about by wearing a mask, practicing physical distancing and good hand hygiene. Please stay home if you are unwell, get tested for COVID-19 and keep up to date with your boosters.


Visiting hours at Dunedin Hospital are to 2pm – 8pm daily.  

  • All visitors will still be required to wear a mask when visiting people in hospital.
  • Please do not visit if you are unwell or have any cold or flu like symptoms.

The following wards at Dunedin Hospital have special visiting guidelines:

  • The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Adult Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Units have visiting by appointment only. 
  • The Adult Intensive Care Unit has a designated quiet time between 9am and 12. 

Attending your appointment at Dunedin Hospital

We know that attending an appointment at the Hospital can be a stressful experience. We have provided the following information to help with your health care journey.

There are currently road works in central Dunedin which are affecting traffic flow and car parking. We recommend you factor this in when planning to attend your appointment. 

There are two main entrances to Dunedin Hospital:

  1. Great King Street (currently a one-way street going North)

There are road works currently being completed along Great King Street.

The drop off zone on Great King Street can be used to drop off patients attending appointments. Vehicles must be then moved on to allow for other patients being dropped off. At this entrance there are wheelchairs available if needed.

There is clearly marked pedestrian access. Please follow the designated signs and traffic management team instructions.

The Emergency Department is accessed from Great King Street into the concourse where there is also a drop off zone. This drop off zone can also be used for patients attending appointments. Vehicles must then be moved on.

Please be aware of emergency vehicles at all times.

  1. Cumberland Street (permanent one-way going North)

There is a drop off zone outside this entrance as well. There are steps and a ramp into the Hospital.

Car parking

Limited outpatient parking is available at the Dunedin upper vehicle concourse, accessed from Great King Street and underneath the Oncology and Hospital buildings, accessed from Cumberland Street. Please check with your relevant team if this is available for your appointment.

Metered parking is available in surrounding streets.

Parking is also available in the car park building opposite Centre City Mall on Great King Street and also in the Frederick and Hanover Street carparks.


All staff and visitors to Dunedin Hospital are required to wear a surgical grade mask. If you do not have one, masks are available at all entrances to the Hospital.


If you require assistance to attend your appointment, please call the phone number on your appointment letter before attending your appointment so we can assist you. This may include arranging an orderly to meet you at the entrance to the hospital with a wheelchair.

More information

If you require more information or have any questions about your appointment, please check the Te Whatu Ora Southern Receiving, changing and attending your appointment page or call the phone number on your appointment letter.

Please note: If you have cold or flu symptoms or are currently positive for COVID-19, please call the phone number on your appointment letter before attending your appointment. The team will be able to provide further information and guidance

Southland Hospital   

Visiting hours at Southland Hospital are 2:00pm – 8:00pm daily. 

  • All visitors will still be required to wear a mask when visiting people in hospital.

  • Please do not visit if you are unwell or have any cold or flu like symptoms.



Lakes District Hospital

Lakes District Hospital currently has a ‘no visitors’ policy for its general ward - please call the ward if you have any concerns about your whānau/friend. It is always best to call the wards to check before visiting.

Wakari Hospital 

Wards 9A and 10A are by appointment only.

All other mental health, intellectual disability (ISIS) visiting times are: 3:00 – 8:00pm or other times by arrangement. Long-term rehabilitation ward: 2:00 – 8:00pm with special arrangements for families, telephone: (03) 476 2191.

Returned Services Association visitors please telephone: (03) 466 4888.

All visitors need to:

  • Wear a medical mask and other PPE as required. 
  • Adhere to visiting hours and other instructions/restrictions.
  • Follow door screening processes 

Visitors to outpatient appointments and ambulatory care (walk-ins)

  • Only one support person who has been screened and approved by the relevant outpatient area.

Some wards have special visiting guidelines, please contact a ward directly to confirm visiting.

Requirements for visiting our hospitals 

All staff, patients, and visitors to Southern District Health Board facilities over the age of 8 years old still need to wear a surgical face mask.

This includes: 

  • When in Common Areas 
  • In Wards 
  • In Lifts/Elevators 

They should also be worn: 

  • By inpatients where practicable/sensible 
  • When patients are moving through common/shared spaces

We ask visitors to continue to practice hand hygiene and to please stay home if you are sick.

Physical distancing  
Please keep 2 metres from people you do not know in public places. Keep 1 metre apart in controlled environments like workplaces where practicable. 

In the hospital cafeteria / café please comply with the 2 metres rule and do not rearrange seating, Please wear your mask when you’re not eating. 

Changes to hospital entrances

Restricted entrances at all facilities with all entrances monitored by staff, visitors screened for COVID-19 symptoms before entry, and public health measures enforced ( wearing a surgical mask, hands sanitised).

Entrances for each site are as follows: 

Dunedin Public Hospital 

  • Entry through main entrance on Great King Street 

Southland Hospital 

  • Entry through main hospital entrance (east entrance) 
  • West entrance closed 
  • Separate entry for Ophthalmology

Wakari Hospital 

  • Entry through main building front doors 
  • Helensburgh entrance through main front doors 
  • 9C Entrance closed 

Lakes District Hospital 

  • Access to the Emergency Department (ED) will be from the ambulance entrance (ED entrance off Lucas Place), where there is limited parking.  
  • Walk ins to the ED should use the ambulance entrance (ED entrance off Lucas Place) where triage nurses will allocate priority according to triage principles 
  • Access to the maternity ward will be through the Main Hospital Entrance off Douglas Street until 6 pm. For access during 6 pm - 8 am, entry will be around the side of the maternity unit at the front of the hospital. Please call your LMC or the maternity unit in advance for pre-screening. 
  • Patients visiting the hospital for other appointments including Outpatients clinics, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and X-Ray/ CT or visitors should continue to use the Main Hospital Entrance off Douglas Street. 

For more details at Lakes District Hospital, click here
A map of the changes is attached below:

Hospital Cafes

All cafes are open to the public apart from Snowline Cafe (Wakari) which is only open to Staff.
Restrictions are as follows:

  • Face masks must be worn whilst interacting others in the café
  • Sanitise your hands
  • Maintain the seating arrangements
  • Do NOT place your worn face mask on the tables whilst eating.
  • Staff will be monitoring numbers and may restrict access.
  • Attempt to limit your time in the café to allow others to use the facility.
Non-urgent surgery and outpatient appointment

We continue to provide health services across the region, in order of clinical priority. This may mean managing appointments in a different way such as via online/telephone/non-contact methods. Please be reassured that you will be contacted as soon as we can if you have an outstanding appointment or surgery.

You are allowed one support person with you during your outpatient appointment. Visitor restrictions apply.

If you are having surgery and have had COVID-19, or get it while you are waiting for surgery, please get in contact with your surgical team right away.


Midwifery care and maternity care is an essential service and is available for everyone who needs it. For pregnancy-related care and advice please contact your Lead Maternity Caregiver. Healthy well women with normal pregnancies are encouraged to consider birth at home or their local primary maternity unit.  Women can also consider a postnatal transfer to a rural primary maternity unit for inpatient postnatal care.

Visiting hours  are from 2pm - 6pm. We encourage that only spouses/partners, siblings and close family visit outside these times.

  • There is no strict restriction on visitor numbers in our maternity services (including primary, secondary, and tertiary services).

  • Children can visit if supervised by an adult.

  • One key support person is allowed in the inpatient room overnight if the patient is in a single room or if approved by the senior midwife in charge (for multi-bed rooms).

  • If the pregnant person is attending a maternity outpatient assessment or appointment, they can bring multiple support people, including children if supervised by an adult. 

You can find out more about the Maternity care visitor policy here: Tertiary Hospital Care | Southern Health | He hauora, he kuru pounamu.